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Build. Manage. Teach. Automate. 

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Learn how to become an online wizard! 

With MerlinFX as your full-service web developer, you’ll go from concept to delivery, management, security, consultancy, support and exceptional training resources before you can say abracadabra.  Websites are the online entry to your business to make a great impression. MerlinFX makes automation of your marketing and publishing a reality, not just a pipe dream. Like magic, you’ll be promoting your business and still covering all the physical day-to-day requirements of your business as you never thought possible. You know your business and MerlinFX know websites and content publishing – team up and you’ll be publishing like a boss in no time.

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Ready To Go

You know how to use WordPress and your content is ready to go. You want to save the upfront cost of web development and get started on your project in 7 days!


You have a budget and you need us to manage the entire project for you including migrating your content to a custom designed and developed website.


You are a brand agency and you need a web developer who can build your design. You manage your client 100% and need a web development partner.

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