The Art of Digital Alchemy: We Design, Automate, and Manage Magic

Meet Daniel, Our Expert Website Designer and Chief Wizard at MerlinFX. An automation alchemist.

A new addition to Inverell

Moving from the scenic Blue Mountains to the charming town of Inverell was a decision that transformed our life just over a year ago. After spending more than four decades in the bustling Southwest of Sydney, we boldly chose to embrace a tree change and embark on a new chapter in our life. This transition from the familiar to the unknown has been both exhilarating and filled with anticipation as I immerse myself in Inverell’s rich heritage and natural beauty. With its serene landscapes and close-knit community, Inverell has become my new home, providing a refreshing escape from the urban hustle and bustle I had grown accustomed.

🙌 Innovative Out-of-the-Box Solutions at MerlinFX: 22+ Years of Website Design and Support Excellence!

Imagine, if you will, an artist who doesn’t just paint beautiful landscapes but creates entire worlds filled with possibilities, creativity, and function. That’s MerlinFX for you. But what sets us apart from other web design firms in Australia? What special sauce has kept us at the forefront for twenty+ years?

Personalised Service: Not Cookie Cutter

We tailor web solutions to each client's unique vision, ensuring your brand resonates online. It's more than design; it's a digital identity that speaks to your audience. Customised WordPress magic that transforms small businesses and not-for-profits.

Beyond Design: Automation Wizards

We don't just design your website; we cultivate a digital garden that grows with ease. Our automation streamlines your processes, freeing you to focus on what you do best. Time saved, money earned, your success simplified.

Long-Term Partnerships: A Guiding Star

We guide your site beyond launch, steering through the digital seas. With regular updates and security, your website sails smoothly. Consider us your constant navigator, ensuring a seamless journey.

Educate and Empower: Knowledge as Power

We hand you the keys to master your digital realm. Through coaching and courses, we empower you with golden knowledge. It's not just a service; it's your pathway to online wisdom.

Relentless Optimisation: A Journey of Perfection

We drive your online business like a self-adapting car, always learning and evolving. Our relentless optimisation shapes the future, not just follows trends. Your website, in our hands, is a Tesla on the digital road, innovating and excelling.

"Spark": The Magical Platform for Client Communication

"Spark" at MerlinFX is your tailored magic wand, illuminating only what you need in client communication. See what's essential, pay for what you use, and enjoy seamless integration. It's your connection hub, simplified and personalised. - NEW

🤙 Who we serve

We serve a diverse range of clients, focusing on businesses and Not-for-Profit organisations (NFPs). We passionately believe that every organisation, regardless of its nature or size, deserves an exceptional online presence, and we strive to turn this belief into reality.

When we craft websites for businesses, our primary goal is to maximise user engagement and conversion. We focus on strategic design, functional optimisation, and integrated automation to drive traffic, boost customer interaction, and ultimately, generate revenue.

What does this mean for our Not-For-Profit partners? We can apply the same principles and insights to help them thrive. While the ultimate goals for NFPs might differ – fostering community involvement, driving donations, raising awareness – the underlying strategies share similarities with those of revenue-driven business websites.

We leverage the strategies perfected in the business realm to create engaging, intuitive websites that help NFPs connect with supporters, stimulate donations, and broaden their reach. From streamlining the donation process to implementing effective calls-to-action, we use our business acumen to generate more resources for NFPs, thereby helping them further their mission.

🔮 If you knew Daniel, you would know …

If you had the opportunity to meet Daniel, you would quickly perceive his deep commitment to his interests, earning him a well-deserved reputation as an enthusiastic aficionado in his field aka ‘nerd’.

His passion for cupcakes is equally matched by his dedication to grilling a smoked brisket to perfection on his pellet grill.

However, Daniel’s interests aren’t limited to culinary pursuits.

He harbours a profound fascination with the art of magic, drawing inspiration from master illusionists such as David Copperfield, Siegfried and Roy, Penn and Teller, and Shin Lim. In addition, he is deeply immersed in the spellbinding narratives of fictional characters such as Merlin and Harry Potter.

This fascination is not merely a hobby but a powerful influence that shapes his perspective and approach to his professional pursuits.

Interestingly, Daniel has discovered a different kind of magic in an unexpected field – Artificial Intelligence (AI). Ever since it showed up on the scene on November 22nd, 2022, AI has become a crucial part of Daniel’s day-to-day routine, almost like a new superpower. He uses AI’s powerful abilities to find solutions and learns something new daily, just like he does with his other interests.

But for Daniel, AI is not just another tool. It’s something to be mastered, like grilling the perfect brisket or pulling off a magic trick. Daniel knows that to get the most out of AI, he has to ask the right questions. And it’s not just about him. Getting the most out of AI also means achieving the best outcomes for his clients.

Daniel is dedicated to harnessing the full potential of AI.

My office, designed by Mid Journey.

Building upon his diverse interests and expertise, Daniel is deeply committed to educating and empowering his clients. His dedication to sharing his knowledge is evident in the many training materials he creates and curates. From comprehensive launch courses to an extensive video library, Daniel is always seeking ways to facilitate learning for his clientele.


Dedicated Client Support: Empowering through Education and Real-Time Assistance

Daniel's commitment to his clients extends beyond mere words. He has implemented practical, accessible solutions to ensure consistent, high-quality support. Clients have the ability to schedule Zoom calls directly from within their WordPress Dashboard whenever they require assistance. This allows for real-time, personalised interaction, further demonstrating Daniel's dedication to providing comprehensive, client-focused solutions. This convenient feature reaffirms his commitment to accessibility and open communication, ensuring clients receive the support they need, exactly when they need it.

Beyond these resources, Daniel also specialises in crafting custom “How-To” videos tailored to meet the specific needs of his clients. Regardless of his busy schedule, he always finds the time to assist his clients, demonstrating a level of commitment that sets him apart in his field. Daniel’s passion for helping others is relentless; he constantly encourages questions and interaction, fostering an environment of open communication and continuous learning. His desire to help is insatiable – no query is too small or too complex. Daniel’s approach ensures his clients are satisfied and feel valued and informed.


Beyond the Pixels: Dan's Personal Approach to Web Design for NFPs.

Grounded in his own experiences and inspired by the impact Not-For-Profits make, Dan is devoted to supporting these organisations across Australia. By providing his digital expertise, he aids in strengthening their online presence and enhancing their capacity to make a difference.

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