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The More We Elevate Your Success, The More We Elevate Ourselves

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We just don't build websites, we create online wizards, that's you and your team; with a rich set of website features and other online tools - expect envy. We want you to easily control your websites' content, design and publish like a boss!

How MerlinFX is Different?

MerlinFX has won Business of the Year and nabbed a Business Services award and other nominations.

The realisation of these achievements goes back to how MerlinFX survived the gauntlet that was the early Internet.

With more than 19 years in the business, we’ve developed a focused acumen through navigating a time when websites were simply not easy to build. There weren’t automated tools and sophisticated, well-iterated web development platforms and content management systems. And that’s what so intrigued MerlinFX owner/Chief Wizard, Daniel Doherty: The unique thrill of creating something from nothing.

After almost two decades, we are skilled surfers of the wild Internet wave. We’ve seen it all, learned incredible lessons, and continue to evolve and innovate as we work hand-in-hand with businesses large and small.

We don’t just push the envelope. We rocket launch it to entirely new dimensions, realising new heights in client fulfilment along the way.

MerlinFX accomplishes the above through our expertise in business automation, marketing automation, WordPress, and sophisticated consultation services.

What is Online Wizardry?

This is our own uniqueness born out of frustration to have complex or boring tasks that occur online to be made simple and automatic for our own business.

We discovered the benefits of automation over 15 years ago and have been streamlining our own processes ever since.

We have particular focus and insight into creating magic online with websites and connecting them to other technologies.

As a result, we just don’t build websites, we create online wizards, that’s you and your team; with a rich set of website features and other online tools – expect envy. We’re obsessively passionate about it. We want you to easily control your websites’ content, design and publish like a boss!


We get to make magic happen. And there’s no easier way to make incredible things happen than through automation.

We can now leverage today’s technology to both streamline individual workflows and increase operational efficiency company-wide. There is a menagerie of mega-tools that we can introduce you to that will effectively put many aspects of your business on blissful “autopilot.”

Automation isn’t simply something we idly recommend, either—there’s not a single component or process at MerlinFX that doesn’t benefit from the power of automation in some manner. When you consult with us, we’ll show you the right tools and processes to utilise and then help you tailor each to your specific needs.

Learn more about our business automation and marketing automation.

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MerlinFX compared to others?

We doubled down into several areas:

  1. Customer Support/Training
    We have our own training, reports and support portal and make hundreds of videos for our clients: custom and tutorial videos.
  2. Technology/Automation
    Over time the technology we have in our business we’ve released as extra services to our clients at no extra charge. Depending on their plan they can “activate” new features and services as they need them. The content created for our training portal is focussed on creating “online wizards.”
Business of the Year & Business Services Awards
Just further to my email, we have been really impressed with the support you provide and whenever anyone asks me about MerlinFX, I can only say the how good your company is. It gives me peace of mind to know also that my team members really like dealing with you. So thanks again.
... Little did I know all the special design ideas and special features that are also in bedded into our site which makes it truly user friendly, promotes our business and is also equipped to be protected from outside interference.

What Floats Our Boat

Our core values are our true north that allow us to continuously redefine what’s possible through technological innovation.


The world is constantly changing and so should your business. Evolving constantly to keep up to date is something we believe in.


Consider us your online business partner. After launch you notice the commitment level for you continues in an upward trend.


We build you the learning tools & materials so you can elevate your business, your people at your pace.


We are problem solvers. We aim to find solutions. We're bored when we are not building & solving things.

How it all started

My nickname at school was Merlin. I used to play D&D and the other nerds out there will know what that means. I played this a lot much to my Father’s chagrin. Before the Internet it was a way my over-creative mind, could create a world of my making.

I spent 10 years working for an interior design importer/exporter doing Desktop Publishing. An amazing journey. I loved interior design, something I picked up from my mum and it allowed me to hone customer service skills, use my imagination and creativity. It was around the later years of my employ that the Internet started to really thrive. Deep etching chandeliers all of sudden was super boring. So I decided to leave and pursue what was then a hobby for building websites.

When it was necessary to name the business (almost 20 years ago), one my favourite movies was F/X with Brian Brown & Brian Dennehy. Loving the movie and its play on words and letters and with a love of making Magic happen. MerlinFX was born.

That Business Card!

I wanted to have the greatest business card. Period. 

OK maybe not, but the best business card I ever saw was when I attended an event with Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple Inc.) He even signed my iWoz book. Cool! 

Woz had an amazing metal business card and I wanted something that stood out and was memorable at every exchange. 

So I priced it all out and it turned out that a metal card is about $15 each. That’s OK for a billionaire. Not me. 

After some long consideration with friends it was suggested that since my entire theme in the business was magic, why not a playing card? 

From there, and several years later and different versions – we have a crazy good business card.

Every business card exchange I do is fun and memorable. 

The business card evolution

When the QR code was added as part of the design it had a specific mobile website built just for the card (before mobile responsive was standard).

Every Christmas we replace our Facebook Banner with the Christmas version. 

After QR Codes became a bit ‘meh” we replaced the QR code with a swirling ball. Changed a few details on the back of the card and today this is my current business card. 

Pick a card!