One on One Coaching

I come to you


  • You have completed the LAUNCH COACHING COURSE
  • Coaching with you in a quiet environment with no interruptions from phones, staff, clients, friends or family
  • It is minimum one hour session
  • Travel time [to and from your location]
  • Cost of petrol is added to the price [We have a special app that tracks mileage from point to point to give an accurate price we add to the invoice]
  • One hour is all we should need and we invoice upfront
  • Petrol expenses and/or if we go over time (charged at 30 min increments) we bill post training
  • Initial invoice to be paid prior to day of training
  • All prices are + GST

Next Steps

  1. Book a meeting
  2. You will get a confirmation email
  3. Select option to add to your calendar
  4. You will receive email reminders about the pending meeting
  5. We will send you an invoice for the initial upfront payment of one hour. 
  6. Post training invoice will include any extra time and cost of petrol to and from your location.