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Our managed services and care plans streamline WordPress website management, including hosting, updates, and maintenance, 24/7 monitoring so businesses can focus on core activities and have a smooth, secure website.

Does my website generate traffic?

It can be optimised, so it stands a better chance in search engines as we use best-of-breed premium plugins for SEO and we include training to assist you in optimising your site for traffic but pushing visitors to your site is up to you.

The website is an engine. We help you optimise the site by providing tools and instructional workflows, and checklists on what to do.

You can speed up getting traffic by paying for Google or Social media ads, but we recommend that you also provide useful/helpful content for your audience so they know they are in the right place and see you as the expert. They need to trust you.

We can refer you to our PPC (pay-per-click) and social media advertising partners.

Updated on June 8, 2023
Updated on June 8, 2023
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