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Does my website require any disclosures, privacy policies, or terms of service?

Okay, you caught me — almost no one asks this question… But they should!

Nearly every website requires at least one (if not all) of these items. What your website needs will be unique to your website’s functionality and any applicable laws and jurisdictions.

I’m not a privacy attorney — but I do partner with Termageddon.

We use and recommend the Termageddon service to create your website policy. They now have Australian-compliant policies.

If you use Termageddon, let us know, and they will provide a complimentary service to you in setting up your policies for the website.

You will have the choice of preceding these policies. Still, I require a signed waiver acknowledging I’ve informed you of my recommendations and absolving me of any liability.

Yes, it’s that important.

Learn more about the Importance of Web Policies

Updated on June 9, 2023
Updated on June 9, 2023
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