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Our managed services and care plans streamline WordPress website management, including hosting, updates, and maintenance, 24/7 monitoring so businesses can focus on core activities and have a smooth, secure website.

How do we generate website traffic?

Without traffic, your website is worthless. Our focus is to ensure you have a website that can put your best foot forward. It includes premium SEO tools, and we provide a proper page layout that Google likes and instruct you on how to do the same. We ensure there is easy-to-locate Call To Actions and relevant forms that appear on click—no waiting to load a new page. 

We’ll show you the main areas to focus on when adding your content: best practices and SEO tips. 

Starting can be tricky, and during COVID, even more complex. There are two types of traffic. Organic and Paid. Both require effort. 


Organic will be things like networking at Chamber or local business events, getting known and trusted, and providing insights for social media groups and forums. Over time, after you have a lead magnet or two that offers excellent insights (not the how!) on particularly relevant topics. These same people are added to your newsletter list (speak to me about CRMs – Customer Relationship Management]. Get traffic from social media, email newsletters, and social media from your posts to your page and group (see below) to posts on other social platforms. 

Paid Marketing

You can use Google PPC (pay-per-click) and social media ads to fast-track traffic. We can refer you to our SEO partners for that if you are interested. You can promote a special offer, a blog post or a lead magnet. 

Updated on June 8, 2023
Updated on June 8, 2023
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