20 Signs your web designer is terrible

Basically, what all web designers either have had to endure when dealing with clients or at some point in their career have done some of the following. Great article and worth the read.

Its been 16+ years since I built a website for my first client and I’m not ashamed to say that back then I was a terrible web designer. In fact, everything youll see below, I was guilty of. However, I eventually learned how to perfect the web designing process the hard way, through determination, research and lots of experience.

I constantly see many web designers making the same mistakes I made 10 years ago so I hope this article will help web designers and those who have or are going to hire a web designer.

  1. The price is under $1,000 bucks
  2. The “Headset Hottie”
  3. No weekly call
  4. You found ‘em on Craigslist
  5. No copywriting solution
  6. The web designer’s #1 goal is creativity
  7. Your web designer is related to you
  8. The designer is YOU!
  9. You built it using a web design tool
  10. No project management software
  11. They don’t ask enough questions
  12. They have too many clients
  13. No scope of work
  14. Missing architecture strategy
  15. No conversion strategy
  16. They’re in your IT department
  17. The handshaking image
  18. No SEO strategy
  19. No CMS
  20. They’re in a different country

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