5 Trends Reshaping Social Media

Whilst it seems common knowledge today, I predicted years ago that Facebook would become a major player in search, massively disrupting Google. Why? Think about it. Here is a platform where there are billions of users all curating, collecting, creating, liking, sharing, and reviewing content plus more. It’s a massive index. Humans vs a machine indexes it.

Powerful, powerful stuff.

Jump several years from that prediction and with Facebook’s intuitive engine in the background, it seems to almost know me better than I know myself. Couple that with search engine type algorithms and I think we have a disruption in the search technology, a space usually coveted by Google.

I wouldn’t be surprised that a future Facebook home page will look similar to Google’s with a Search bar built in without the need to login.

According to an infographic produced by Adweek using data from eMarketer detailing the demographic trends in social media for 2016, Facebook is still leading the market among social networking, but there is a projected 7.6 percent share increase


1. Facebook is moving towards an older demographic.
2. The future is handheld.
3. Social networks are becoming search engines.
4. Politics will play out on social media.
5. They use big data to personalize, and culture is king.

5 Trends Reshaping Social Media

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