7 Tips for writing content like a human

It seems everyone is working on his or her content strategy these days Folks are writing content, sharing it, linking, testing, and measuring it But, some of them forget that traditional direct-response copy skills are still working in today’s content boom. This popular advice is accepted as one of the best ways to get better conversions. Unfortunately many boil it down to one line of advice Just write like you talk. Its frustrating because in a way its true yet so many content creators take it out of context. Write like you talk doesn’t mean to literally write the words you say.

Just Write Like You Talk.
Writing Content Like A Human Is Effective
Do You Sound Human?
Does Your Favorite Blogger Write Like An 8Th Grader?

Instead, “write like you talk” means to write conversationally, connect with your reader, appeal to their emotions – basically be human!

1. Know Your Audience.
2. Make Goals For Your Content.
3. Avoid Being Clever.
4. Be Friendly.
5. Read It Out Loud.
6. Use Simple Words.
7. Practice.

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