7 Unexpected Signs You Might Be an Entrepreneur

I love this article about being an entrepreneur and some of my fellow ConnectFX Team members might argue that I am a control freak. I just want stuff to be perfect.

Do any of the 7 key items in the list below sound familiar to you?

LinkedIn Influencer, Ryan Holmes, published this post originally on LinkedIn.

Yes, you’ve got to be passionate, resilient and all that other good stuff. But there are more subtle qualities needed, as well. Networking with other entrepreneurs over the years through Hootsuite and working closely with young up-and-comers through my foundation The Next Big Thing, I’ve noticed that a lot of us share some common personality traits. So, without further ado, you might be an entrepreneur if…

Yes, you’ve got to be passionate, resilient and all that other good stuff.

1. You’re Restless, And No Achievement Ever Seems Good Enough.
2. You’re A Control Freak.
3. You’re A Masochist.
4. You Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Money.
5. You’re A Black Sheep, And Maybe Even A Dropout.
6. People Think You’re Crazy.
7. You’re Somewhat Introverted.

Being the next great innovator and business leader requires more than just being passionate and resilient.

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