Why is it critical to market on Pinterest?

Pinterest has over 200 million monthly active users which accounts for about 90% of all the shares among co-schedule users. Based on the analysis of at least 1 million headlines in the database of Co-schedule, statistics clearly show that Pinterest is definitely a great force to reckon with in social media. Therefore, every marketer, business and company must strive to reach this powerful audience and tap the great potential.

Why is pinterest a force to reckon with?

For instance, 30% of Pinterest users prefer browsing the internet to watching TV. On the other hand, the average time a Pinterest user spends on the site per visit is about 14.2 seconds. Moreover, 60% of Pinterest users are from the United States and a blog is the most common destination for the Pinterest users who click on a pin. Therefore, a good presence on Pinterest is an effective way to stay ahead of your competitors and other players in your industry.

On the other hand, nine out of every ten Pinterest users are women and they are responsible for making over 70% of all household purchase decisions. The average annual household income of 41% of pinterest users is $50,000 or more. This amount is much higher than the average income for households on other social media networks. Therefore, Pinterest users are more likely to spend more even on expensive items and services because of their high purchasing power which is mainly driven by the high income of households on Pinterest. Such an audience is definitely of great worth to any marketer, business or company.


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What do users share on Pinterest?

Social media favours topics that are primarily related food, home and lifestyle. For instance, food accounts for 52% of all shares on Pinterest while topics related to home boast about 18% of the shares. Other topics that have significant shares on social media include: lifestyle which has about 15% shares, business and technology has 10% shares, news accounts for 4% of the shares and the remaining 2% represents other shares. The most common shares related to the food category include recipe, peanut, salad, cookies, chicken, chocolate, and buttercream. Food items that are associated with weddings and homemade food items are also popular shares on Pinterest. Evidently, Pinterest is a great opportunity for marketers to reach a wider audience and ultimately grow their ventures.

You can also save a lot of time and build the traffic to your website by simply ensuring that your social media and blog content are always in one place. Pinterest might just be the best-kept content marketing secret in the world.


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