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In case you need help in web design, development and project management, then you are probably wondering you should outsource the work to an agency or simply hire someone in your company. The difference between outsourcing such functions to an agency or assigning the function to an employee on staff makes a very huge impact on the outcome of the project, the day to day activities and also on your bottom line. Since each situation is unique, then each must be assessed on its own unique characteristics in order to ensure that you always have the right fit. However, there are clear cut differences of the benefits between both options and making this decision is simply a process of determining exact what you need.

The on-boarding process

Outsourcing has a simpler on-boarding process as compared to finding the right employee for the job. Moreover, in-house entails managing the hiring, training and payment of your employees including other inevitable requirements such as raises, holidays and sick leave. However, outsourcing simply involves a simple contract agreement with guaranteed continuation. Therefore, working with a reliable outsourcing agency guarantees that the project will continue without any unscheduled stops such as scrambling for replacements, sickness, holiday breaks or long service leave.


Many businesses have dedicated webmasters that handle websites. Although such people may be skilled enough to update the websites, designing websites from scratch requires both technical and creative competencies which can be exceptionally difficult to find within your workforce.

In order to create an effective website successfully, you need people with specific set skills. Therefore you must take an honest look at your employees and their skills in order to decide whether you should outsource sensitive business functions such as website design, development and project management. Such a workforce should include a marketing manager with strong online presence, a web developer, a skilled copy writer, a graphic designer, and a highly reliable project manager.

What critical functions and skills does outsourcing provide?

  • Outsourcing provides a reliable leader with very strong online expertise who can easily guide the entire web strategy. This mainly ranges from defining the target audience and their needs to defining success metrics.
  • Skilled graphic designers also understand that web design is not just about artwork. This needs a very clear understanding of exactly how to design websites that are user friendly in order to make it easy to find information.
  • The web developer knows how to produce clean and efficient code while incorporating an efficient content management system in order to ensure that the website can be easily updated.
  • The skilled copywriter has a firm grasp on the firms’ unique selling proposition and can write using your business or brand tone while organising information in a way that makes it easy to navigate the website. Moreover, the skilled copywriter also knows how to write for SEO (search engine optimisation).
  • The project manager take control over budget and timeline while managing input from various stakeholders effectively.

Most agencies include various experts in specific fields. This includes accessibility and usability. They are also up to date with the latest developments and innovations. Therefore, they are better placed to deal with cutting edge and complex websites.

Time commitment

Determine whether you have the necessary skills and talent within your workforce to design your website in-house. Then, you need to determine how to take such people off other business functions. Also, you have to ensure that they devote ample time to the project. Web design is a project that takes significant dedication and focus.

Outsourcing your web design, development and project management needs allows you to concentrate on core business functions. In return, you can relax knowing the entire responsibility of the project is in good and able hands.

Offsetting weaknesses

Moreover, you may outsource such functions in order to offset weaknesses within your workforce. You may evaluate your workforce. You may find that some of your in-house resources are partly suitable for the project but others are not. Therefore, you might consider outsourcing the project partly or wholly. For instance you may have great design talent and lack a reliable project manager or vice versa. It might be a great idea to outsource the entire project or the area where your team is weakest in.


It is also vital to consider the financial differences between the two options. Hiring an in-house team might be cheap on paper, but it comes with a host of responsibilities. This will include the emotional energy and cost of your time which include training and development or advancement options. Moreover, you need to purchase the necessary equipment and allocate office space. However, outsourcing cuts down on the labor and operational costs. Moreover, the costs of a marketing agency is more predictable because such agencies have reliable and repeatable processes.

Outsourcing is a good way to give a fresh perspective to your website. The agency might not know your business as your in-house team does. However, they can see your services and products the way your prospects and customers do. This helps you to address the specific questions that your potential customers might have about your products or services.


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