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The Tale of a trip to a Foodie Hub, Berry NSW

It’s no secret I love food. Any excuse to visit a coffee shop or restaurant on an outing will always occur. So when you happen to come across other businesses and how they are run and you also run your own business – you take notice. You take notice if you care about the client experience. Running your own business allows you the perspective to see how others do it, what to do and not by how others treat you.

I was fortunate enough to visit one of my favourite destinations to shop and eat recently, Berry. Located on the NSW Southcoast past Wollongong.

First stop a local café. A nice courtyard and ambience. An interesting second hand bookshop attached. One could see how you could loll away the day with friends or work on a project in peace.

Then that ambience was shattered when the staff approached. The female waiter seemed scattered. The café wasn’t overly full and it was a Saturday morning in the holiday season. No reason to not hire more staff. Had to wait a little longer than usual to get the menus, only to have her hand them to us whilst talking to someone else. So far I’m feeling she is un-attentive. She passed on more menus to someone else and then proceeded to ask our order not 20 seconds later.

Eventually we get through all that and get the mains. My Partners looked great but my corn fritters looked like charcoal. Both of them both sides. I could even taste the burnt bits. Doing my best Gordon Ramsey impersonation without the histrionics they took it back.

Get the dish back, no knife and fork, had to ask for that and perfect on the top and charcoal on the bottom. Figured there was no winning this one and finished what we could and moved on.


Such an opportunity to shine in a busy tourist haven, bustling with so many coffee shops – they stand out from the crowd as less than ordinary.

We stroll around a bit and make note to stop by another café later; Little Fork. Any excuse for more coffee and cake. We deserve it. We work hard and at least walked everywhere!

What a revelation! A completely different experience.

We checked the menu and requested the Gluten-free options. I was eyeing off the Tia Maria Chocolate Truffle cake and to my surprise this was Gluten Free. Ordered the coffees and cakes and noticed they had some interesting books to read.

I asked the staff what the deal was and immediately their sense of humour shone telling me they are for reading! OK there is always one to have a go.

We got served and I remarked at how interesting the book was. It was about a famous pastry shop in San Francisco. I was curious as to where it was purchased.

The next thing I know, the chef of the café walks up to me and proceeds to tell me a bit about the history, the publisher and to try making a certain cake. Where to buy the best cocoa powder and more.

They were attentive and it blew me away.

She makes all the cakes onsite daily and I must admit is the best chocolate cake I have ever tasted; aside from my Mums of course.

I did not lose it– the ambience, the quality of the product, the interaction with the staff and engagement to another level. It all seemed natural. Brilliant.

The Little Fork, will now be visited each time we visit Berry.

Creating amazing customer experiences must be contagious as we checked out the South Coast Providores shop next door in the same building.

Let me paint the picture for you. I’m dressed in casual T Shirt and shorts, my signature bright blue sneakers and an XBOX cap. The look screams uninterested geek being dragged along for the day.

What I got from this award winning store was nothing short of attentive chatter and another great experience.

I asked the proprietor Ian about the area and business. I noted the interesting preserved Walnuts in Honey and he told me how he treated his guests over a Christmas get-together by tipping the entire contents over a full Camembert (at room temperature) and how the sweetness of the honey offsets the flavour of the cheese.

My mind was off in foodie heaven imagining how I could recreate that for my own guests. Another amazing experience. Another place to mentally bookmark when we visit Berry again.

Two different food stores, two separate amazing customer experiences.

How are you creating an amazing customer experience with your online marketing? Are you offering extra value by way of free content, tips and helpful information? Can potential clients download a special guide? How do you treat the client once you have them? Do you offer anything of value to them once the transaction for the service has taken place? Why not email them special client only content using email marketing?

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