Why online video delivers unparalleled benefits over other forms of online media

How use of online videos can transform your business!

Videos are everywhere. Billions of online videos are being watched every day on YouTube alone and that figure doesn’t include other big video portals. This is why many companies are developing a video marketing system for the business and growing their customer base, one video at a time. But, what makes videos the most viable marketing medium today?

Unparalleled benefits of online videos

Do you know what’s the second largest search engine in the world? It’s YouTube and Google owns it! Well now you know why online video is such a dominating force when it comes to grabbing attention of everyone. People just like watching their favourite stuff online, and rarely get bored from doing it. Millions of users worldwide watch many hours of online videos every day, so much that it has almost become a habit for them. Don’t you think it’s a great idea to put your message where everyone is? Of course, it is!

Gaining visibility and get noticed online

The sole purpose of taking your business online is to gain more visibility in front of the online audience. Video serves this purpose. In fact Google gives preferential treatment to the pages that include a video. This means your blog or website will get indexed sooner and rank higher in the search engines. Eventually you will be able to reach a wider audience as your video will attract more and more viewers over time.

Quick implementation and distribution

Once you have got a video created it’s fairly easy to embed it on any page of your website, or share it anywhere on the Internet. Given the advances in social media, a video is like an easily distributable form of media. Not just that, you can spread it via multiple popular online media channels for reaching more audiences. Setting up an account on a site like YouTube or Vimeo doesn’t take more than a few seconds and you can be up and running within no time.

Best medium to create a connection with your viewers

As they say a picture speaks a thousand words, a video can speak a million words. There is no better medium than video when you want to create a connection with your viewers. It makes them understand the message you want to deliver. Now it’s possible to create a visual experience that’s informative as well as appealing to your audience. So they can remember about you, your business and the message delivered by your video for a longer time.


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