Implementing a Customer Feedback System for your Restaurant

Implementing a Customer Feedback System for your Restaurant

Customer feedback is the holy grail, as far as I’m concerned, to creating a business that thrives. Why? If you act on the feedback you show you care. Feedback from clients, good or bad or suggestions, really can improve customer satisfaction, get repeat business (the other holy grail!) and solve problems you didn’t know you had or solutions offered where you thought there were none.

Sometimes you are so close to the problem you cannot see the forest for the trees. Having another point of view or perspective from your customers is gold.

To get the feedback you need a feedback form. Don’t wait for feedback to come via Facebook, Yelp or Trip Advisor. Whilst still important, getting direct feedback from your customer is preferred.

Guy Letts from Customer Sure shares valuable insights on getting customer feedback but also taking action too. I agree with Guys’ suggestion that it’s better to get feedback from customers than trying to guess what they want.

With all the Blend All Ingredients Plans you get a Feedback & Testimonial form built in. Our feedback form is based on tips from this article plus a sprinkling of extra awesome we’ve used ourselves that work great.

Guy’s thoughts when he was asked feedback –

They didn’t ask how I heard about them. They didn’t ask my age or what newspaper I read…they didn’t ask questions they were interested in, they asked questions about the things that were important to me. And they didn’t waste one second of my time on anything else.

10 Ingredients For Brilliant Results

  1. Don’t collect feedback without setting business objectives first
  2. Take action
  3. Make the feedback process customer-friendly.
  4. Design relevant questions for your feedback forms.
  5. Use scored and text questions appropriately.
  6. Use feedback as independent reviews to differentiate from competitors.
  7. Send the feedback request at the best time.
  8. Share with everyone to improve morale and learning.
  9. Identify cost savings and efficiency improvements
  10. Unlock high response rates


Customer feedback forms – 10 ingredients for brilliant results | Customer Sure


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