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Studies show that typical first-time visitor to your website will form an opinion about it in three seconds. Wouldn’t you want to get that opinion? After all, opinions are important, especially if it can help you improve your website experience and bring in more business.

So maybe you’re thinking, “That’s easy! I’ll make my visitors take a survey.”

Well, the easy part is getting your visitors to click on a survey link from Google Forms or maybe even SurveyMonkey. The hard part is creating a survey that asks your visitors the right questions so you get the right information. Even harder is the problem of your visitors leaving your website to answer your survey. How can they answer questions about your website if you’ve just taken them away from your website?

Heck of a headache, isn’t it?

I guarantee that at least 50% of those people will abandon your survey halfway, and when they do, you can kiss all that data goodbye. And that’s why we built Qeryz. Qeryz empowers you to easily collect quality information that you can use to direct your marketing efforts, publish data-driven insights, and improve sales and user experience. The best part? You can ask your visitors what they think about your website on your website. That’s right. Your visitors will give you all that useful information without ever having to leave.

Maybe you’re wondering, “What if a visitor leaves my website in the middle of a survey?” No problem. Qeryz enables that person to resume exactly where he left off. Qeryz offers you a flawless data-gathering experience. Surveys are shown only one store visitor on a 24-hour period, so your data won’t skew. Plus, you can take your data home with a click of a button using our Export to CSV feature. So you can mix and match your data any way you want, and it’s super easy to get started.

Sign up for a free Qeryz account, copy, paste your tracking code and set up your first survey. That’s an easy 30-second setup, folks. And don’t worry about site speed. Our top-notch web-hosting infrastructure ensures a flawless browsing experience, whether you have a few dozen or thousands of pageviews per day.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for your free Qeryz account right now, and grow your business like never before.

Using Qeryz

You may have noticed we use Qeryz on this website. I absolutely love it. We’re gaining insight into the content our readers want most.

What I also love is when you sign up for an account, Qeryz has a nice sequence of helpful emails they send that really show you how to master content idea collection.

Login to your Dashboard to get your responses, create some rules (may need to upgrade), create new surveys and much more. It is a very slick experience.

Checkout their blog for even more useful content around analysis and blogging. A great service model and publisher of helpful content. Worth considering for your website if you are stuck for ideas on what to publish or just need a way to collect great ideas with no effort.

Google Analytics tells you the numbers behind your visitors.
Qeryz tells you everything else.

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