The social media frequency guide: How often to post

This is an amazing article that I will definitely use with my publishing schedule across all my platforms and workflows with those in my business. This is great start for any new business looking to capitalize on publishing their content or curating content across multiple platforms —  a social media frequency guide.

Good content can be found in a multitude of places. And, once you find it all, the next question you may ask yourself is how often you can share.

How often is too often to share with your audience? We aim for the perfect balance of sharing and listening. I end up guessing a lot, trying and testing new variations on how often I should post.

Strike the balance between informative and annoying
How frequently Buffer shares to social media
The optimal frequency for posting on social media

How often to post to Facebook
How frequent to post to Twitter
Frequency of posting on LinkedIn and Google+
Something to consider: The incredibly short life cycle of a tweet
Facebook’s life cycle is much longer, relatively speaking
When your audience is online. schedule your posts
The late-night infomercial effect

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