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When I first heard about this device I got pretty excited. Anyone who knows me knows I love to leverage technology to get things done. I love IFTTT and Zapier. Likewise, I love Evernote and Pocket. I have a listening engine built into my websites and created my own by mashing Feedly and Evernote together. That’s just a small bit of some of the things I do to make technology work for me when consuming and creating content.

How often are you driving or have an idea and you reach for the phone. Scramble for your headset or app to record a great idea or just a task you want to remind yourself to do or to gt your team to do it.

Enter Myle.tap. This is incredible. It’s like something out of Star Trek. Tap and speak. It takes your voice and converts it to text. That’s nothing new but what it does with it is insanely cool.

By connecting to your mobile phone via Bluetooth (can work when not in range by storing and syncing later) those great ideas can be turned into actions you have sent to your automated workflow to remind or get done.

It’s just another piece of the puzzle about making business owners, anyone really just that little more efficient.

Turn your thoughts into actions.

How I would use Myle.Tap

Presently I have content streaming into Feedly that if I think it’s worth sharing or curating ends up in a specific notebook in Evernote. Saved to Pocket for later to read or listen to. Book annotations go from my Kindle account to Evernote as well.

But it’s the ideas that occur almost at any time and especially those times I need to be focussed on the road and not fumbling about to get the idea recorded.

I’d tap Myle to record a note to Evernote about a new idea. If I want a task done I’d speak a note to send a message to my VA to handle a new task for me. That task would also be saved to my Wunderlist account so I can follow up it’s progress later.

Now if the developers allow Zapier integration then my quest for world domination will come sooner. Seriously and all jokes aside. For the busy person who runs a family or business I see millions of these being sold. For the busy content publishers, ideas machines these things will need a damn big battery.

I’ve placed my order on the Indiegogo Crowd Funding platform.

Beam me up!

World’s first wearable thought catcher.

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