Why Most Privacy Policies Are a Ticking Time Bomb

Why Most Privacy Policies Are a Ticking Time Bomb

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Let’s dispense with the pleasantries and say this:

Most privacy policies are terrible.

They either intentionally obfuscate information and policies to keep them from the user, or are so unintentionally obtuse and confusing that the user—and often, the employees at the company in question—can’t decipher what everything means.

At MerlinFX, we admit we’ve been guilty of using standard privacy policies in the past, and for the longest time we endured their shortcomings.

But no longer. Now, we use Iubenda. And it’s made a world of difference.

[social_quote duplicate=”no” align=”right”]Iubenda gives both businesses and consumers peace of mind through a simple yet sophisticated new approach to privacy policies.[/social_quote]

The Advantages of Iubenda

Whether written by the business or an outside entity, many privacy policies are so cluttered and indecipherable that they’re a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Inevitably, consumers are going to feel “duped” and threaten some kind of action against an entity that served them a garbled, unintelligible mess of legalese they never understood.

However, Iubenda gives both businesses and consumers peace of mind through a simple yet sophisticated new approach to privacy policies.

Iubenda privacy policies are optimized beginning-to-end for easy reading. Despite this, the policies still act as sophisticated technical and legal documents that are fully up-to-date with contemporary sensibilities and technologies.

How is this possible, you ask?

Iubenda ingeniously solves the privacy policy riddle by offering two different pages, or “views.” The first view is constructed with plain English (a la Creative Commons image rights policies), while the second policy view separately incorporates all the dense legal jargon that shelters businesses from disputes.

Iubenda works to keep their privacy policies up-to-date, and we were thrilled to get our own privacy policies for MerlinFX and Content Kitchen established through Iubenda in less than five minutes!

 As you can see through our policy examples listed above, Iubenda clearly details how customer data is used and what services are collecting it. There’s dedicated sections to each data-collecting entity involved—Facebook, Google, etc—with analytics processing information and direct links to associated company policies included.

And the above is Iubenda’s greatest attribute—the dedication to transparency.

Transparency is crucial in our increasingly complex digital world, and Iubenda is built directly on the principle that we must all strive to live and thrive in a truly transparent world.

[social_quote duplicate=”no” align=”right”]Iubenda clearly details how customer data is used and what services are collecting it.[/social_quote]

How Does Iubenda Work?

Iubenda incorporates an easy-breezy, three step process:

  1. Add the name of your business’s website, application, or Facebook app.
  2. Disclose the services you are utilizing and the data you’re collecting.
  3. Link or embed.

We’re not playing around—that’s it. As we mentioned, here at MerlinFX we were able to get our own privacy policy up and running in only five minutes.

Does Iubenda Support Australia?


Iubenda models its legalese in accordance with the strictest privacy requirements found worldwide. More specifically, the team at Iubenda routinely review Australian privacy laws (such as the new APPs). In fact, Australia is one of the most closely-monitored countries.

How Do I Get Started With Iubenda?

Ready to jump in? Fantastic. We think you’ll be thrilled.

There are both free and premium tiers of Iubenda currently available. Prices for the premium tier start from only $9/per month.

Learn more about Iubenda’s privacy policy plans today!

Video guide 1: Introduction to the Generator

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Video guide 3: Add iubenda to site

Video guide 4: Free version vs paid

Video guide 5: Add cookie policy

Video guide 6: Add 2nd language

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