Why We Suck at Email Hosting—And Why Most Developers Do, Too

Clear a few minutes from your schedule. Trust us, you’re going to want to read this:

We’re not the best at email hosting. There, we said it. Heck, we kind of suck at it. But here’s the thing: Most developers suck at email hosting, too. This is despite the fact almost every available web hosting package right now offers email hosting.

Now, there’s something very useful you can take away from this frank honesty, and that’s the following:

Google Does It Better.

Read on as to why.

[social_quote duplicate=”no” align=”right”]Coffee’s great for drinking, sure. But nothing peps you up like knowing your five dollars are singularly powering your business communications.[/social_quote]

What Does Google Offer in the Email Hosting Space?

Sure, there’s a host of popular alternatives including ZoHo Mail and Office 365, but they aren’t our proverbial cup of tea.

Instead, it’s Google that’s won our hearts with their powerful, attractively-priced suite of services for email, calendar, and more. For only the cost of a cup of coffee—AUD $5.00 a month per user—Google serves up sublime email hosting across multiple devices, complete with a veritable boatload of available storage.

Coffee’s great for drinking, sure. But nothing peps you up like knowing your five dollars are singularly powering your business communications.

Google’s suite of services, also known as G Suite, offers a bevy of email-related features as well as additional perks, including:

Unlimited email accounts for all staff, served through Gmail on your branded domain.

  1. 30 GB of storage space—not total, for each account!—offered across both Google Drive and Gmail.
  2. Google Calendar services for the management of your schedule.
  3. Google Groups for discussion monitoring.
  4. Google Docs support for real-time collaboration with staff.
  5. Video conference support for as many as 15 participants simultaneously.
  6. Full mobile device support.
  7. Complimentary, 24/7 phone, email, and chat support.

Oh, and concerned about security?

Don’t be. G Suite sports robust security. Authorised Google Reseller Nathan Stanfield of Stanfield IT says the following:

“Even though it is based in the cloud [Gmail from Gsuite], it comes with robust and well-tested security. In fact, it is an enterprise level security so it offers maximum protection for your communications as well as the most sensitive of documents.”

– Nathan Stanfield

Here’s Nathan and Stanfield IT waxing poetic on the merits of G Suite.

Nathan Stanfield

[social_quote duplicate=”no” align=”right”]Whether it’s $5 or $0, going with Google is a no-brainer—especially in light of the fact it’s simply a poor idea to rely on your web developer for a typical webmail account.[/social_quote]

Take our word for it, too. Here at MerlinFX, we heavily utilize G Suite every day in our business operations. We adore the flexibility and reliability the entire suite of services provides—particularly the cloud-based automation, which can be integrated to really take a load off your shoulders.

Something incredible to mention before we go any further: If you’re a non-profit and every $5 really, really counts, you’ll be stoked to learn that the advantages of G Suite are now available for free thanks to the tech giant’s Google Apps for Non-Profits initiative.

And as we all know, you can’t beat free.

A Deeper Dive Into G Suite’s Benefits

Whether it’s $5 or $0, going with Google is a no-brainer—especially in light of the fact it’s simply a poor idea to rely on your web developer for a typical webmail account.

One benefit of G Suite we have to take a moment to fixate on: Your mail is never tied to your website.

Why does this matter? Let us share a hypothetical with you:

You have your email hosted with your web developer. All your online services are hosted together in one seemingly convenient space. Suddenly, an unexpected, cataclysmic event  occurs, and your domain provider—the same entity that serves up both your web and email hosting—goes down, wiping out your website, email account, and all backups.

Sadly, the above isn’t a fanciful bedtime horror story. It really happened. Domain provider DistributeIT went down, and thousands of websites and email accounts went with it. Permanently.

Fortunately, at MerlinFX we were unaffected. Our safety was a product of how we handle our technical communications—we never put all our eggs in one basket. Instead, we always host websites and email accounts separate from where our domain is registered.

And again, your business should, too.

While the safety of your assets and resources is paramount, it’s more than just that. G Suite offers a host of benefits, both email-related and otherwise, including:

  • No need to move your mail if you want to move your website (which can be a real pain in the britches!).
  • Your email won’t go down if your site does.
  • Advanced speed, security and flexibility thanks to the sturdiness of the Gmail platform.
  • Anywhere, anytime collaboration thanks to Gmail’s cloud-based structure.
  • Generous file storage.
  • No annoying, intrusive ads.
  • Robust mobile apps for iOS, Android, and more.


If you’re interested in further details on all of the above G Suite benefits, you can refer to Nathan’s Stanfield IT piece here.

Making the Move to Gmail and G Suite

We’ve been enjoying G Suite for years, and it’s likely time you and your business make the move, as well.

If you’re hoping to enhance the professionalism and productivity of your business or organisation, G Suite can deliver the efficiencies necessary to make it all happen.

Consult your IT department on making the switch. And if you don’t have an IT department or desire a specialist, don’t hesitate to contact Nathan at Stanfield IT today.

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