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Hoping to scale your business to set new productivity and profitability benchmarks?

Spend less time on repetitive tasks and do more of what you love. Me, I love to read. Even then I am converting the written word to audio and listening to it at 3x speed. 

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation has arrived to save you and your team from the tiresome slog of daily manual processes.

It’s all achieved through the latest productivity technology, which serves to automate processes to achieve greater efficiency by utilizing potent, data-driven software. Marketing teams are spared the drudgery of manually carrying out tedious, recurring daily tasks, and marketing efforts are heightened as a result.

If you’re not already on-board with marketing automation, you’re missing out. Email Monday’s “The Ultimate Marketing Automation Stats” report points out that on average, more than half of all B2B (business-to-business) companies (55%!) are currently leveraging the power of automation technology to streamline their marketing workflows.

What Are the Benefits of Marketing Automation?

When we take the time to dial down into the beneficial elements of marking automation, we can quickly and clearly surmise why so many businesses are jumping aboard.

Spamming leads with ‘dumb,’ impersonal email campaigns is known to be a comparatively weak solution. By contrast, marketing automation software affords the user the opportunity to engage in data-driven nurturing. Specifically, the technology opens up access to triumphant amounts of data—much of which is real-time—which can then be leveraged to craft truly tailored marketing materials specifically targeted to your sales leads. These communications can then include:

  • Lead location
  • Lead interests (products, services, et cetera)
  • Email marketing statistics

Topping it all off, this University of Buffalo study illustrates that automation of business processes, including marketing, results in greater efficiency and happier customers. And when customers are happier, repeat sales tend to follow.

Thus, in sum, marketing automation provides the following overall benefits:

  1. Greater marketing efficiency through fewer manual processes
  2. Greater, more relevant data for use in marketing campaigns
  3. Happier employees
  4. Happier customers

Why MerlinFX?

MerlinFX is comprised of a sublime team of qualified experts with more than 40 years of aggregate experience—greater than ten of which is in the field of marketing automation.

At MerlinFX, we work collaboratively to brainstorm creative methods for leveraging the latest technology, all for the purposes of serving our clients. We pull daily on our automation background in order to excel at placing our clients in a position to succeed.

Further, we understand the top four areas in marketing automation are email, lead nurturing, customer relationship management (CRM) and mobile and social engagement, and cross-channel campaign management. As such, we employ powerful solutions tailored for each segment, incorporating:

  • ONTRAPORT and Active Campaign for email marketing
  • ONTRAPORT and Active Campaign for customer relationship management (CRM)
  • ONTRAPORT and Active Campaign for lead nurturing
  • Numerous social management platforms to manage and create social media posts

Additionally, we utilise only the latest open source Content Management Systems (CMS) in order to achieve measurable results on your behalf. This is critical, as pulling leads requires an offer made via a CTA (call-to-action) on a website or social channel that directs the user to a landing page.

Towards that end, each of our WordPress-deployed websites comes built-in with the capability to build unlimited numbers of these landing pages, with the opportunity to either create your own page or tweak an existing theme. Also, each of our WordPress landing pages can be saved for later use and instantly deployed at a time of your choosing—no need to contact us or seek technical assistance, although the option is always available.

It all boils down to this: At MerlinFX, web development and marketing automation are our specialities. Whether you require only a bit of help or the entire package, we’ll work with outside agencies or your in-house designers to deliver a final product with incredible fit-and-finish… a product you’ll be proud to stand behind.

Our clients get free unlimited lifetime access to all our training resources through an easy to use online training portal. The portal includes tutorials on marketing automation using the features pre-built into the website or easily accessible depending on the client plan.

Ready to embrace marketing automation and move your business’s processes and efficiencies forward? Contact us today at 1300 850 605 to discuss your project!

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Case Study

Salesforce integration


We have always found MerlinFX very helpful with our website and finding ways to improve its functionality. We would recommend MerlinFX to any business wanting innovative web design and management. Daniel worked with us every step of the way and we worked through any problems to find a solution we were happy with.
Sandra Skelly
Comfort Heat

Why Email Marketing is incredible

Email marketing is an important tool for any business that wants to be successful in marketing and advertising its products and services. The success of a business relies on minimising expenses and maximising sales. By using email marketing, your business can achieve both. Many businesses are hesitant to use email marketing because they do not realise the benefits of this marketing tool. To help such businesses, some benefits of this tool are highlighted below.

Increase Sales Conversion

Many visitors who visit your site will not convert into sales despite the fact that you are offering quality services and products. In fact, it will take an average visitor/shopper several visits before they can purchase from your business. Email marketing helps in converting visitors into sales. By emailing potential customers, you earn and build trust with them as well as entice them to buy your services or products. Higher sales conversions are achieved if the emails contain relevant and focused content. In addition, the content must be original, refreshing and informative.

Increased Engagement

By using emails as a marketing tool, your business will consistently engage the customer. You can use autoresponders to schedule email messages. The autoresponders give automatic responses to email messages. Autoresponders not only increase customer engagement but also enhances customer care services. Autoresponders can be used to welcome users to a newsletter, to guide customers through the buying process and to confirm a customer’s account or purchase. By choosing our services, we will ensure autoresponders are automatically sent and delivered to clients at the specified intervals.

Saves Time Through Automation

Email marketing automation is the development of email marketing that is designed to meet the needs of a customer at every phase of the buying process. For example, email automation will ensure that a client who purchases a car gets emails about related car accessories. 

An email marketing automation system reminds and updates existing clients about new equipment, services, changes, discounts and completed projects among other things. Unlike traditional marketing tools like print postal mailings, email marketing saves time and effort through automation.

Email Marketing Is A Powerful Tool In Lead Generation

You can maintain a database or list of all visitors who visit your site. Later, you can generate leads by sending email messages to all visitors on your database. These email messages contain links to landing pages, forms and call-to-action buttons. When a customer clicks on the links, he/she is directed to a landing page which contains some forms. When the visitors fill out the forms, they automatically become leads and can communicate with the sales team.

As our customer, you will access several email marketing features such as time-sensitive email autoresponders and newsletters, web forms and email templates, analytics and split testing. The analytics feature helps you to determine the sales-readiness of the customer and their buying behaviour. This will help you to segment your customer base based on their behaviour. The split testing feature enables you to test your web forms. The newsletters are automated to read content from your website and send it automatically to your recipient list.

What about the content?

We have writing guides for your pages and posts. Once created, link to them via an email newsletter. We can even automate your news cycle to publish to social media and email newsletter automagically!

Case Study

PDF Management


Just further to my email, we have been really impressed with the support you provide and whenever anyone asks me about MerlinFX, I can only say the how good your company is. It gives me peace of mind to know also that my team members really like dealing with you. So thanks again.
Hercille Braid
Marketing and Communications Manager (Club Plus Super)

Did you know there’s immediately available relief from the tedium of everyday, manually-performed business processes?

That’s right. We’re talking business automation, and it’s going to make your life and the life of your colleagues an order of magnitude better.

What is Business Automation?

Every company completes a set of daily activities related to management, sales, operations, human resources, and more. These are business processes, and conventionally, they’ve been performed manually.

Business process automation (BPA) blissfully alleviates the grind of manual task completion for a vast array of everyday company processes. Whenever a business process is engaged—often through a common trigger, such as filing an expense report—business automation kicks into gear, simplifying not only the specific task at hand but also creating greater efficiency throughout the overall business workflow.
Have we piqued your interest yet?

If you’re already primed for a consultation as to how we can assist with business automation at your place of business, contact us here at MerlinFX at 1300 850 605. Otherwise, continue on as we examine in detail all the benefits of business automation affords.

Business Automation Benefits

Business automation is fantastic for menial recurring tasks, such as:

  • Paying bills
  • Banking
  • Data backup
  • Calendar and event management
  • Content collection and consumption
  • Publishing
  • Much much more

However, recall how we mentioned how business automation affects more than individual tasks?

When employed as an overarching business process management (BPM) endeavor, your business’s workflow will benefit from greater efficiencies that serve to enhance the operation of your entire company. In fact, not only will workflows become streamlined, but human error will see a reduction thanks to the clarification of roles and obligations.

Another factor is cost. Your bottom line is critical, and business automation aids with that, too. For example, in the average, non-automated work environment, taking a client meeting then spawns the manual tasks of business plan development and invoice creation. However, business automation software takes these resultant tasks and automatically handles them, saving you both time and money.

Business automation benefits even go beyond savings, too. 

Business automation can positively affect both product/service design and customer satisfaction.

We aren’t kidding around. Because business automation lets your team focus on more pressing matters than expense reports and invoice creation—such as product development, for example—it’s been known to lead to greater product refinement, which in turn stokes customer satisfaction metrics higher. It’s all in this University of Buffalo study.

Oh, and Business Automation aids with customer satisfaction after product/service delivery, too, thanks to the ability to automate customer service follow-ups.

Beginning to see how this is an all-encompassing business solution? Here’s a roundup of the vast benefits of business automation:

  1. Business automation minimises manual, daily tasks.
  2. Business automation increases efficiencies both within tasks and throughout company-wide workflow.
  3. Business automation reduces human error.
  4. Business automation cuts back costs.
  5. Business automation enhances product/service design.
  6. Business automation increases customer satisfaction.

Why MerlinFX?

We’ve assembled a team of professionals at MerlinFX that offer more than 40 years of overall business experience, ten of which specifically spans the field of business automation.

We deeply understand the role of automation in the workplace, and the interplay between automated processes and manual human endeavors. In fact, we’re not advocating for your company to attempt to go “100% automated.” Every business needs a human touch… you just don’t need it on your most repetitive, boring, dreadful tasks.

We ask three questions when it comes to business automation:

  1. Will it save you time and money?
  2. Will it create a great client experience?
  3. Can it save our clients money and time?

Whenever the answer to those questions is “YES,” we lock-in and deliver the best business automation services for our clients we can muster. This includes a cocktail of powerful automation tools backed by our wealth of knowledge, including WordPress, ONTRAPORT, and Zapier, the latter of which links more than 750 available business apps (Slack, Trello, and more) for the automated sharing of data and routine task completion.

At MerlinFX, we’re uniquely positioned to help you focus on the things that matter: business growth, sales, client happiness, and yes, your family and friends.

Our clients get free unlimited lifetime access to all our training resources through an easy to use online training portal. The portal includes tutorials on business automation using the features pre-built into the website or easily accessible depending on the client plan.

Our Closed Facebook Group – Online Wizards covers a myriad of automation topics to make you become an Online Wizard: 

  • Browser Extensions
  • Third Party APIs & Mobile Apps
  • Website Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Support
  • Customer Management
  • Task Management
  • Networking & Nurturing
  • Social Media
  • Content Creation
  • Speed Learning
  • Website Traffic
  • Scheduling & Calendar Management
  • Image Optimisation and much more …

Ready to take the plunge and boost your company forward with business automation? Contact us today at 1300 850 605 to discuss project options!

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What can we help you with?

Online Wizardry Articles

Business and Marketing Automation, CRMs, Browser Extensions, Mobile Apps, Tools & Techniques to become an Online Wizard.

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