5 Ways to create the ultimate virtual office

I’ve spent a while testing new technologies and mashing cloud systems together to magic happen for my business. Saving me time to do other tasks I’ve been able to create a virtual office. I almost run a paperless office with numerous redundancy, back up options, plugins, widgets and ‘wazoos’ (new word!) all over the place so I can grab a bookmark from my Chrome Browser on my Mac or PC to locating an important file no matter where I am or device. Though the heavy lifting always mainly occurs on the Desktop PC; where we not far off from managing most things from our phones and tablet devices.

This doesn’t mean I am sitting on the beach getting sand in my computer, but I’m always scouting local restaurants, cafes and hotel lobbies for the best WIFI and power outlet. Occasionally you may notice a post on this on our Facebook Page about best spots to work from virtually.

What you really want to be focusing on is taking care of what matters, so you can provide your clients with awesome work (and get paid).

Whether you’re just starting out or have a nice long list of clients, as a freelancer you don’t want to struggle with getting your affairs in order. What you really want to be focusing on is taking care of what matters, so you can provide your clients with awesome work (and get paid). The reality is that there needs be a certain amount of organization and systematising that goes into your freelance business so it can run like a well oiled machine.

  • Get Yourself a Virtual Filing Cabinet
  • Manage Media the New Age Way
  • Automate Your Sales
  • Be Financially Savvy
  • Stay Connected

Basically using Google Drive (check), Dropbox (check), Bidsketch (check), Wave (personally I use Xero and LOVE it), Skype (check).

To be truly virtual, I just need some free WiFi and some good coffee and food and I can work anywhere. I would miss my four-screen set up though.

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