Automate Your Business On Steroids With Zapier

Automate Your Business On Steroids With Zapier

Everyone needs more time and money, so how would you feel if there was a revolutionary new way to achieve both? At the moment you waste so much time on mindless tasks it’s no wonder you’re not making as much money as you should be. Let’s put that straight to bed by looking at how you’re going to take your business to the next level, but first we’ll look at where your problem lies.

The Problem You’re Currently Facing

Things have gotten a lot better over the years. But right now, you have limited beliefs. They lead you into thinking standalone software built to optimize and automate your business is the best way to save time and money. I’m not going to lie, some of the software released is fantastic. But when you have to use them all independently, it doesn’t allow you to maximize their potential.

Busting The Software Integration Myth

Right now you believe you have to hire expensive programmers when you want to integrate two different kinds of software together, and if you need to integrate hundreds of things together it’s going to leave you bankrupt. Obviously, you’ve never heard of Zapier, which is a special service designed to integrate all of the leading web apps for you. Here are some of the things Zapier allows you to do:

  • Triggers And Actions
  • It’s Always Working Hard
  • Run Everything From A Dashboard

Triggers And Actions

Zapier helps you out by using triggers and actions, so if someone triggered something a particular action would be carried out. For instance, if someone sold products on Gumroad and used Aweber as their email service provider. You could set something up so everyone who bought one of your products on Gumroad would automatically be added to your email list. There are also tons of similar examples we could use with all types of web apps.

It’s Always Working Hard

Once you’ve set up these triggers and actions, which Zapier calls Zaps, you never need to do anything again. Everything keeps running behind the scenes allowing you to get on with important business. The ability to set up these special automatic processes without a programmer is where you’ll save lots of money. The automation of the entire thing is where you’ll save time. In essence, your entire business could run automatically through a single service.

Run Everything From A Dashboard

Your time will be optimized due to the fact you can run everything through a single dashboard using Zapier. As soon as you log in, you’ll be able to see all the Zaps you’ve already created. It’s great because you’ll have so many set up I’m sure you’ll forget about a lot of them. You are able to monitor all of your connected accounts. Likewise, you can easily switch the Zaps for each one on and off as you see fit.

A Couple Of Big Tips

There are too many potential Zaps you can set up, and it gets even worse because the number keeps going up and up every single day. It means beginners miss out on important Zaps their business would benefit from. That’s because they don’t know they exist. That can’t be helped unless you spend hours researching Zapier in great detail. They do provide you with a list of the most popular Zaps, which unfortunately gets ignored by those new to the service.

Once you’ve used the service for a while and you consider yourself an advanced user instead of a complete beginner, you should begin to think macro instead of micro. Don’t just set up random zaps. But instead, set up lots focusing on a particular goal, for example, social media marketing. Lots of Zaps can be focused on sending out social media updates on particular dates, sending your Evernote ideas to your team, sharing your blog posts when they’re published, and a whole host of other things focused on the same goal.

Your Business Needs Zapier

If you’ve not even used Zapier yet it’s hard to put into words how helpful you’ll find it. Hopefully, you can see by looking at the features and benefits it provides. its usefulness should be obvious. If not, you must be curious to test out something. This is guaranteed to save you lots of time and money every day. It’s one of those services you won’t be able to appreciate until you’ve set up your first Zap. But, after a week you’ll have no idea how you would live without it.

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