Consuming Video Like a Boss

Consuming Video Like a Boss

Most successful business owners are always looking for ways do more in less time. Systematising your business via time management is a major priority for anyone who wants to grow their business.

What is Enounce MySpeed?

Enounce is a software application that lets you slow down or speed up flash videos. Therefore, you can easily change the playback speed of HTML5 and flash videos without any loss of video and audio quality. This is done with just a click of the button without distorting the video or audio. Therefore, Enounce is an essential tool that allows you to skim through flash videos in just a fraction of the normal time.

Why is it useful?

Average people can read and understand content at about 200 to 250 words per minute, while speed readers can fully comprehend 400 to 600 words per minute. However, instructional videos move at a speed of just 100 to 150 words per minute. Therefore, most people are often locked into a speed that is just too slow for their learning capacity.

With Enounce MySpeed you can use the variable playback to:

1. Speed up and save time

Save time by speeding up videos in order to watch content in less time. You can breeze through certification courses, training, classes, lectures, seminars and tutorials in almost half the time.

2. Slow down to take notes or learn.

This is ideal when the content is not in your native language or when you simply want to track mouse movements in your e-learning videos and software training videos. Therefore, you will enjoy clear comprehension of different complex medical, technical, legal, or financial material, foreign dialects and languages. Enounce MySpeed aids comprehension of speakers with heavy accents which can be very useful especially in business because internet has become a global marketplace with clients and customers from all different geographical locations across the world.

3. Improve your learning skills with less frustration and greater comprehension

Besides getting more content in less time, MySpeed enhances retention and comprehension without audio distortion. Everything is easier to comprehend, digest, take notes and remember with the right playback speed.

How does Enounce work?

Enounce MySpeed uses a proprietary technique to process various audio signals known as time-scale modification. Therefore, you can easily manipulate playback speed of HTML5 or flash videos from 0.3 times to 3 times the normal speed. The best thing about it is that this is all done without affecting the quality of the audio track.

Once Enounce is installed, whenever a HTML5 or flash video is detected in your browser, the Enounce MySpeed slider bar appears in order for you to adjust the playback rate.

Enounce has two main versions; Enounce MySpeed and Enounce MySpeed Premier. MySpeed allows users to change the playback speed online, whereas Enounce MySpeed Premier allows users to vary the playback speed both online and offline should you download the content. On the other hand, this software works on both Mac and Windows.

However, the windows version generally has more features than the Mac version since it also plays HTML5 video and audio in addition to flash video. Enounce MySpeed works with most internet browsers but it does not support various 64 bit versions of browsers since it is primarily a 32 bit application.

MySpeed has proven to be quite useful for viewing online training videos, courses, YouTube content and webinar replays. The software offers a free 7 day trial which you can use to evaluate the product and its worth to see if it is suited to your needs.

Installation Installing and setting up MySpeed is a very simple and fast process because it does not offer to download any third party products. The interface is also simple since it only contains the slider bar and very few buttons. Therefore, it offers a clear cut and non-obtrusive environment because it goes in the system tray after the first launch.

Upon successful installation, the program starts up automatically when your operating system starts up and you can set it so you can vary the playback speed. Moreover, you can set up the hot keys in order to make speed changes conveniently using your keyboard. The variable speed slider bar will automatically appear whenever you start playing a flash video in your browser.

The application can also be accessed manually on windows machines from the notification area where you can enable or disable MySpeed, show the MySpeed slider bar and change preferences. The Windows version of MySpeed has a handy feature where you can see how much time the application has saved you in the slider.

The main window

This utility allows you to adjust the playback speed of the videos you are watching, with the help of the slider bar. You can increase the speed up to 3 times faster or decrease it to 0.3. Moreover, the main window allows you to view the time saved watching videos, and toggle between the normal speed and the speed you had used previously.

System tray context menu

You can bring up the context menu by simply right-clicking the system tray icon which lets you close or disable the program. You can also open the settings panel and view information regarding the program. This allows you to launch the program at startup, view keyboard shortcuts, and hide the slider bar automatically.

What does Enounce MySpeed Premier Offer?

Enounce MySpeed premier offers all the features of enounce MySpeed, plus:

Free upgrades

  • The ability to adjust the playback speed of the video clips you have downloaded to your laptop or PC.
  • Therefore MySpeed Premier is the best solution if:
  • You download video clips to your PC regularly
  • You want to view video clips when there is slow internet connectivity or no internet connection at all.
  • If you want to avoid server or network bottlenecks which usually limit the speed of playing videos.

Enounce MySpeed is a very useful software that is mainly dedicated to people who are interested in adjusting the playback speed of their flash or HTML5 video clips. Moreover, this software does not put a strain on the performance of your computer and it has a great response time which helps save even more of your valuable time.

Will you try it and speed up the time it takes for you to watch a video?

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