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It is quite common for most people to handle almost all tasks by themselves especially when starting a new business. Therefore, most of the standards you apply and things you do are not written down anywhere and with time they gradually become second nature to you. However, as the business thrives and grows, it becomes necessary to start delegating tasks to virtual assistants. Therefore, you must get most standards, activities and processes on paper. This makes it easier for you to take some things off your plate and focus on other strategic priorities.

Creating a procedure document is very helpful when streamlining delegation of tasks. Besides making tasks easily replicable, this also ensures that the tasks are completed exactly how you wanted. SweetProcess is a web-based app that allows you to do just that. You can create procedure documents with your virtual assistants by simply explaining to them how the tasks should be done as they take detailed notes. This data can then be entered into SweetProcess and tested to ensure everything is clear.

How does SweetProcess work?

Creating a procedure

Upon logging in, select the ‘Create Procedure’ button. A form will pop up allowing you to create a title along with details about your procedure. This also includes itemised action steps and you can add tags to make it easier and more convenient to search for the procedure upon completion. Moreover, you can embed photos or videos at this point to help paint a clear and detailed picture about the task.

Sharing procedures

In case you want to see a list of the procedures you have created, click on the ‘Procedures’ button. You can also assign a procedure to a virtual assistant by simply hovering over the procedure and click ‘Assign’. The procedure is automatically sent via email to the virtual assistant you have assigned and you can also share such procedures publicly.

Managing with SweetProcess

Once you have set up and assigned your procedures, you can manage them conveniently from the dashboard. There are separate tasks which are labeled: Procedures, Activities, People and Tasks for easy management of your team or company. Besides checking the procedures assigned by person, you can also see all tasks that are due.

You can also edit or assign the procedures you have created right from your dashboard. The menu will come up when you move the cursor over the task. SweetProcess offers a free trial after which you can choose your desired level with the Startup Price being the cheapest at just USD29.

As businesses grow, productivity can be accelerated by delegating tasks to virtual assistants. SweetProcess is a great app for explaining various processes in a way that scales and standardises them. On the other hand, SweetProcess makes it much simpler to train new staff in case you decide to change team members. It is also easy to update different procedures with new methods and ensure that every team member is on board. By using SweetProcess to delegate routine tasks to virtual assistants, you can dedicate more time to the core aspects of your business.

Benefits of SweetProcess

  1. Procedures are mainly designed for productivity

SweetProcess is a vital tool that helps you document various repetitive tasks that are eating up your time. Highly visual, easy to read, and other interactive features such as comments and check boxes, are all vital for a job well done. With effective communication, your retention and impact will increase significantly.

  1. Clarify with videos and images

We all want to make sure that our information is read and well understood. Including videos and screenshot images gives extra clarity to all steps in the procedures. Documenting your processes does not have to be a hustle; SweetProcess allows you to just copy and paste or drag and drop.

  1. Share procedures with your teammates

SweetProcess is a great tool for sharing procedures securely with your company or teammates and then monitor the progress through each step. On the other hand, you can make your procedures public and share them with your suppliers, bank, business partners or customers. Delivering with consistency is a very important factor when it comes to general growth of your business.

  1. Track different activities and progress

Implementing any tool or change without tracking progress against predefined goals is a waste of time and resources. Besides helping you track the latest activity, SweetProcess allows you to look back in the history of your procedures. This not only saves you time, but also eliminates guesswork about how you accomplished specific goals in the past in order to stay focused.

  1. Access the SweetProcess tool from anywhere

Eliminate the frustration of not having access to your procedures during key moments when you need them most. Whether you are at your desk, working in the field or in a warehouse, you can to access and view all your procedures using any smartphone, tablet or computer. SweetProcess is mobile optimized in order to ensure that you can monitor your procedures conveniently even from the palm of your hand.

  1. Employee turnover without setbacks

SweetProcess makes training replacements of employees who have left is a breeze. This is primarily because all their tasks and progress has been documented and gradually refined over time.

  1. Reduce errors

Following the documented procedures is quite easy because the steps are illustrated with videos, check boxes and screenshots for enhanced clarity.

  1. Add value to the business

Businesses that are built on strong foundations of well documented SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) have higher values which grow over time.

SweetProcess brings new and effective tools of creating different Standard Operating Procedures simply by integrating web, video, graphics, mobile sources and even social media into your effort. Documenting your operating procedures is an effective way of stimulating growth in your business. After documenting your procedures, you can begin the exciting and fun part: Improving each step in different processes and implementing these improvements across all employees and any future hires along your growth path. With the ability to track different activities and progress, you can accomplish your goals much quicker.

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