Organise Your Content Using Evernote

Organise Your Content Using Evernote

Evernote helps users organize different types of information from various sources into a central web-based location. It can also be used for clipping web pages and archiving them for later reference, storing photos, text notes and screenshots all within one customizable storage system. Evernote also allows users to organize notes and other documents according to the date they were created.

The best thing about using Evernote to store everything online is that your data is backed up automatically each time you log in using synced devices including tablets, smartphones, desktop computers and laptops. Moreover, Evernote is compatible with many different devices and operating systems including Mac, Windows, iPod Touch, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile and Palm Pre.

Main features of Evernote and their importance

1. Customise your Evernote home screen

The Evernote home screen can be changed to fit users’ unique styles and needs. You can also choose from 3 color themes: classic green, dark, and light. Additionally, Evernote allows users to show and hide different sections or details as needed. Tap the Settings’ gear to customize the home screen.

From the Evernote home screen you can you can capture new notes quickly with the new Quicknotes panel, and also browse everything in your account by tags, notebooks, quick notes, announcements, notes and shortcuts.

2. Quick notes

This panel offers five different ways of creating new notes:

  • Choose an existing image in your device
  • Capture a photo
  • Create alerts and reminders
  • Type in some text
  • Create a checklist

3. Announcements

This includes Evernote product updates, tips and upcoming events.

4. Shortcuts

This is a customizable list of all the links to notes you want easy and quick access to.

5. Notes

This panel displays all notes in your account. Users can create text notes, save clop web pages, save snapshots and take audio notes. The audio feature works very well for iPhone and Blackberry users. Notes that were updated most recently are usually shown first. Evernote offers two types of notes for business users:Business notes

  • Business notes
  • Personal notes

6. Notebooks

Displays all notebook stacks and notebooks in your account and you simply need to tap a notebook to see all the notes it contains.

7. Tags

This is a list of all tags you are currently using in your account and you can tap any to see all the notes associated with it. There are two main tag options for business users:

  • Business tags
  • Personal tags

8. OCR

OCR allows users to search for images mainly according to the text they contain. This is a great way of saving time because users simply need to take snapshots of important information quickly for future reference. Sometimes the OCR can even read handwritten text provided it’s fairly legible. However, the capability to search for text in images and PDFs is only offered in the premium version of Evernote.

9. Organisation

Evernote’s organisation system is one of its most beneficial elements. It offers different useful ways of categorising information, such as Note Titles, Notebooks, and Tags. Users can also keep track of different projects at once using the Notebooks’ feature. Besides creating notebooks and giving them titles, users can further organize all the information within different notebooks with Tags’.

10. Web clipper

This is an alternative to bookmarking where instead of simply saving web addresses, the web clipper add-on for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer allows users to save HTML tags on web pages as notes with just the click of one button. Evernote web clipper add-on installs automatically for Internet Explorer when users download Evernote for windows.

11. Web

The notes you have uploaded to Evernote can be accessed from any computer or compatible mobile device provided it has internet access. Evernote also allows users to share notes with individuals, teammates or the whole world. You can also use the Share’ function to specify the people you wish to send the notebook to or simply create a URL that everyone can see.

12. Encryption

People who usually store sensitive information in notes will enjoy the extra layer of security offered by the desktop version of Evernote. Users can right click on highlighted information and simply select “Encrypt Selected Text”. Therefore, the user needs to type in a special passphrase for decrypting the data for future access.

However, it is vital to understand that Evernote does not store your passphrases anywhere and you will lose access to encrypted information in case you forget the passphrases you have used.

Benefits of Evernote

1. Evernote keeps everything in sync

All your notes, files, images and web clips are available on every computer and device you use.

2. Remember everything you like

With Evernote, you can save everything exciting and cool you discover in the real world or online. You simply need to record some audio, take pictures and save it.

3. Take notes anywhere

In case you are always on the move and want all your notes with you, with Evernote all your memories are always available on every phone, tablet or computer you use.

4. Save all your favourite web pages

Use the browser extensions to save entire web pages to your account. You can save the entire page including links, images and text.

5. Work with colleagues, teammates and friends

Evernote allows you to share notes with anyone.

6. Plan your trips

With Evernote, you can keep all your confirmations, itineraries, maps, documents, plans, and scanned travel documents in one secure place and have them whenever you need them.

7. Office-minded features

Most of Evernote’s recently added features such as Context, Work Chat and Presentation Mode are all part of the company’s effort to help you in most of your day-to-day work activities. For instance, Work Chat is mainly designed for people who use Evernote at work. It is a way of sending and receiving messages instead of relaying via email. It is awesome for discussing for discussing particular notebooks and notes.

For people who usually find themselves drowning in piles of paperwork and sticky notes, Evernote offers a great alternative. The OCR and organizational system make it quite useful especially for users who want help in organising numerous ideas at work, school, or bits of data and memories from every-day life.

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