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Schedules and time constraints have made it quite hard for us to do whatever we wish whenever we want to. Sometimes you may be on a long plane or train journey without internet connectivity and you wish you could be watching video clips or reading news articles. On the other hand, you may find useful content when it’s just about time to go to work. Pocket allows you to download content directly to your device and access it later at your leisure using the Pocket mobile app or the Pocket web app. Therefore, it allows you to read content and expand your knowledge even without wi-fi or other forms of internet connectivity.

How the Pocket app works across various platforms

You can pocket content via the web browser, email or other compatible applications. The application also enables you to save content from RSS, Facebook, Twitter and other article applications such as Reeder, Zite, Pulse, Flipboard, and Safari. There is a desktop application for Macs and a Safari plug-in that enables you to save content to Pocket from a desktop computer or laptop.

Pocket allows you to download directly to your device and access it later at your leisure using the Pocket mobile app or the Pocket web app.

Features and benefits of pocket app


Pocket synchronizes across all devices including Mac Book, iPhones (iOS), tablets, and various android devices. Moreover, Pocket has proven to be quite versatile with options that include accessing content in the typical website view or reading articles in simple text format. It also improves the entire reading experience by simply stripping out the unnecessary formatting making the article more appealing.

Slick user interface

The organization and format of the list is refreshingly simple. You simply click or tap the items to open them up in full. Pocket also builds comprehensive lists of previews for the web pages you fetch. On the other hand, once you have started accumulating content, you can easily “favorite” specific web pages/articles in order to organize them. You can also search saved items by URL or title using the search box. Items can be organised by image, video or article.

Customisation for a better viewing experience

Pocket allows users to customize content to their tastes. You can use the slider to change, sizes, fonts, and brightness among other aspects. You can also launch various options. Some of which include adding tags, sharing, deleting and more by simply swiping across the thumbnail image.

Video support and content filter

The Pocket app handles videos superbly; you can watch video in a mini-player without leaving the application. It is easy to keep Pocket from clutter. This gives you a dedicated space for the transient links and you can easily mark them as read. This helps to keep them separate from permanent bookmarks.

Pocket has been integrated with over 500 online apps making it quite easy to save content (video, blog posts, articles, recipes, news stories and web links) in the app.

Pocket allows users to customize content to their tastes.

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