Smallpdf: The Easiest Way to Compress/Convert Your PDF Files

Smallpdf: The Easiest Way to Compress and Convert Your PDF Files

Ready to deliver your free guide or eBook to the masses, expanding your reach with a potent lead magnet that can generate sales conversions?

Generating leads and developing conversions from carefully crafted content is a primary goal for so many business individuals, but it’s easier said than done. Anytime you can get a “leg up” and a little help, it goes a long way.

Fortunately, there’s Smallpdf, and it’s ready to go that long way for you. How, exactly?

Smallpdf is a wonder of a PDF compression and conversion tool—available free or for a no-limitations, epic value option each month.

The folks behind it understand that making your downloads fast is absolutely imperative. And so, in August 2013, the team put their impressive collective experience in business, design, and programming to work to deliver the PDF compression tool for your everyday needs.

And now, 9 million users a month later, it is going strong, satisfying new users each day with its fantastic drag-and-drop, web-based functionality.


How Smallpdf Compression Works

But how does all this work?

Well, really, really well and really, really simple, for one, but we’ll dive in with you and explain the magic behind the compression tool at greater length.

By simply visiting the Smallpdf site on the web, users can drag-and-drop their PDF file from their local storage directly into the compression box. The file will automatically be reduced to 144dpi—ideal for web uploads, email campaigns, and just about anything else you can dream up.

Alternatively, Smallpdf provides the latitude to compress your PDFs already stored on Dropbox or Google Drive. Just click either option to login and select your file-of-choice, and presto! Smallpdf gets to work on your behalf. All compression occurs in the cloud—you never have to worry about cluttering up your computer.

Smallpdf takes privacy seriously, too. All your files automatically get deleted from the server after one hour. Privacy is 100% guaranteed.

Oh, and just as you’d expect, Smallpdf works whether you use Windows, Mac, or Linux.


The folks behind Smallpdf understand that making your downloads fast is absolutely imperative.

Smallpdf is More Than Just Compression—Conversions, Too!

While the compression tool is potent and critical for anyone hosting an eBook or guide, we’d be remiss to frame it as purely a compression tool.

Instead, it is a powerhouse conversion tool that can swiftly-and-simply whisk that all-important PDF into an entirely different format for easy sharing. In fact, Smallpdf is a complete suite of online PDF software that now offers 14 total features served over 60 cloud-based servers.

It affords all its users the same incredible drag-and-drop, web-based functionality for conversions as it does for compression. You can convert your document—without the use of desktop software!—in the following ways using Smallpdf:

  • PDF to Word
  • Word to PDF
  • PDF to Excel
  • Excel to PDF
  • PDF to JPG
  • JPG to PDF
  • PDF to PPT
  • PPT to PDF


Plus, you can even merge, split, and rotate PDFs, too. And if that wasn’t enough, it is pumped to announce Connected Functions.

Instead of treating compression and conversion as separate tasks, its Connected Functions ability allows you to integrate these two, normally separate tasks into one smooth, effortless workflow. For instance, you can convert from Excel to PDF before immediately being presented with the option to compress the newly converted file.

It just doesn’t get easier than this!


As we mentioned earlier, Smallpdf is available for use entirely free, or you can relish additional benefits by paying a tiny monthly fee.

Free version: All the core features —compression and conversion—restricted to two documents per hour. The free version supports files sizes up to 1 GB.

Smallpdf Pro: Being a pro never had such a low entry fee. You can enjoy its full, robust functionality for $6 a month—or just $4 a month with an annual contract. Smallpdf Pro removes all the limitations of the free version, and supports:

  • Unlimited documents
  • Recent document quick access
  • Bank-level file transfer encryption
  • No advertisements
  • Enhanced workflows

It will also be introducing an option specifically designed for entire business teams, available in late 2016. The Business option will support:

  • All Pro features
  • Individual user management
  • Shared billing

Check out the pricing plans.

Get Started With Smallpdf Today

Convinced yet?

Smallpdf can change the way you offer all your mission-critical business downloads, and boost your company to greater heights.

Don’t wait any longer. Sign up for a PRO Smallpdf account today!

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  1. Patrick Hill

    Far too complicated for me. All I wanted to do was lift one small section of an existing PDF document to create another PDF to send to a friend.

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