Start the Simple Habit to Rocket Productivity: Journaling

Start this Simple Habit to Rocket Your Productivity: Journaling

If you are anything like me I have so many notebooks, lists to even apps on my phone to keep track of tasks and things to review later. No matter what you have, create the discipline and stick to it. It brings other advantages to other areas of your business.

Cindy is a master at organisation and she has this knack on getting me focused. I’m a bit like my boxer dog Merlin, who gets distracted too easily.

With practice I’m seeing the benefits already. I’m striving to do three main things for the day. Once done; it’s play time. I can go and research, test, play etc.

This is a beautifully designed Chrome app specifically for journaling … Experiment with how using this form of creative expression could contribute to your productivity and happiness both at work and home. If you already journal, how is that working?


What Is Journaling?
Journaling at Work
Productivity Benefits of Journaling
How to Start Journaling

Stress Reduction
Increased Self-Discipline
Less Time off Work
Improve Your Problem Solving Skills
5 Minute Journal
Evernote or Microsoft OneNote
Gratitude Journals
Journey (Chrome and Android)
Day One

Personally I prefer to store my ideas online using Evernote or Asana. But I am just at home too using a notebook. Notebooks are good if you are out and about and have one of those impromtu meetings or brain storming sessions when using a mobile device is just a bit painful to refer back to earlier ideas. My tip: Keep a little book with you.

Though when I get my Myla Voice I will do this on steroids!

Who wants a Super Power?

Start this Simple Habit to Rocket Your Productivity: Journaling

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