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Voxer users get instant voice messages anywhere and any time. Besides sending live messages, you can also send photos, text messages and share your location alongside your voice messages. Forget about voice mails, separate phone calls, emails, and text messages. Voxer offers instant and easy communication with a friend or group of friends. It is also cheaper, faster and saves you time. Moreover, Voxer for iOS was recently redesigned with improved battery life and an entirely new user interface. It offers receipts that tell users whether their messages were delivered and seen/heard by the recipients. User can also share messages to email, SMS and even social networks using the Share’ feature.

What are the potential uses of Voxer?

  • Enjoy a live and free walkie talkie: Push To Talk (PTT)
  • Send photos, voice messages, location and text messages
  • Users can view and listen to messages anywhere and any time because they are all recorded and stored.
  • Chat with just one friend/colleague or with a group.
  • Create all the messages you want even when offline.
  • Get instant notification for any new message received.
  • Avoid intrusive and annoying ads
  • Work on WiFi and any cellular network (This is ideal for international use).
  • Play your messages faster (up to 3 times the normal speed)

Voxer users also have the option to upgrade to Voxer Pro You can upgrade your app to Voxer Pro just within the app for $29.99 yearly or $2.99 monthly. This can be done by simply visiting the Profile page or Settings page just within the app.

Some premium benefits offered by Voxer Pro include:

  • Walkie talkie mode: Choose specific chats to talk to and hear back from without necessarily being on the app.
  • Large group chats: Users can create group chats with up to 500 users at a time.
  • Custom Surname: People can easily find you by simply searching for your preferred user name on Voxer.
  • Extreme notifications: get more frequent and louder notifications for your messages.
  • Store more data: Voxer Pro users can store audio, picture and text messages for more than the usual 90 days.

Main Feature of Voxer and their uses

1. The interface

Voxer’s interface highly resembles the iOS message interface. It displays all your contacts who are also using the app. Users can sign up for Voxer using their Facebook credentials to gain access. This option speeds up access to your friends who might also sign into the service using Facebook. Users get instant notification once a friend starts using Voxer even after signing in via Facebook. You can also find friends who have you in their address book (including friends who are not on Facebook) by simply entering your phone number in your profile on Voxer. Moreover, the app allows users to send actual SMS texts to invite friends to download and use Voxer.

2. Messages

Click on your friends’ names to see lists of all the messages you have exchanged. Each list of current messages appears in the form of a horizontal playback slider and you can click any arrow to listen to previous messages. Voxer plays entire conversations until the end. On the other hand, the latest messages are at the bottom. You can also speed up messages when listening to audio playbacks by up to 3 times their normal speed. You can also see images in the conversation and expand them with just a single click.

3. Party chat

Voxer also allows group chat where users can pick several people and simply send one voice message to everyone in the group. Any member can reply to the entire group as well. This is a very handy feature especially for broadcasting changes to scheduled meetings or that you are running late to everybody who’s waiting. However, members of a party chart are always free to leave a conversation whenever they want to. You can also add new members to existing conversations.

4. Walkie talkie mode

The app works best when listening to voice messages over the speaker phone like a walkie talkie. However, users can set the speaker off for all conversations and simply listen to voice messages like it’s an ordinary phone call, or on specific individuals or conversations, such as people who just won’t stop dropping those eff-bombs. Voxer also supports Audio auto-routing which allows you to listen via the speaker phone, and switch back to playing through the handset when you hold your phone to your ear. Although push notifications are optional, they give users a very quick way of accessing conversations.

5. Push To talk

The PPT (Push to Talk or hold and talk) button is the most recent innovation by Voxer. Moreover, the PPT button can be ‘Locked’ by simply sliding it to the right. Therefore, users no longer have to hold it awkwardly as they talk. However, you must tap it again once you are done talking to release. With a decent mount for vehicles and hands-free Bluetooth, it is the safest way of staying in communication while still driving.

Users can also have special conversations under ‘Note to Self’ which allows them to talk to themselves with Voxer. This is a convenient way of leaving various personal reminders that you can access later.

Does Voxer have any potential downsides?

Voxer mainly uses data connection to send all this information and this might eat up users’’ data allowance. However, Voxer voice messages are nothing is size compared to the use of VoIP apps such as Facetime and Skype.

Who do you usually contact when you run into problems at work? Who is in your expert or professional network? This provides users with a convenient way of connecting, asking questions, sharing resources and reflecting. On the other hand, business users can communicate with small groups of professionals or one on one. It is a vital resource for personal reflection and professional development. When you develop group son Voxer, you will clearly see how sharing ideas and opinions can help support professional growth and smoothen your leadership journey.

Users can also have special conversations under ‘Note to Self’ which allows them to talk to themselves with Voxer.

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