The Ultimate Content Listening Engine Using Feedly

The Ultimate Content Listening Engine using Feedly

I want to share with you my go-to app for content that is like a firehose turn on full. Always. It’s endless. I will never ever get to the bottomless pit of the constant content engine I’ve built using Feedly.

Feedly offers an easy and convenient way to follow your favourite news sites, blogs, YouTube channels, eBay listings, Tumblr blogs, Craigslist category pages and more. Feedly helps users build personalized news feeds from their favourite topics and sites. Lightweight, easy to use and blazingly fast, Feedly allows users to access all their favourite news feeds in one place.

Here’s the thing.

I always get the question, where do I find content to share or how do I create content? First locate your niche content via cloud services like Feedly, Mention or even

By locating key hashtags terms allows you to easily locate relevant content based on most often search keywords in your niche. Consume content from other blogs and after a while you begin to see who are the authority sites. Learn from these people and even curate some. Always give credit where it is due. There is a right and wrong way to curate.

Then add the RSS feeds of those blogs you follow or located via the Feedly search and let the tap flow!

Feedly Features

  • Follow publications, YouTube channels, blogs and more in one place.
  • Read your favourite feeds in a distraction-free mode
  • Organize feeds into collections
  • Save newsfeeds for later within the app or to other read-it-later services
  • Share content on social media in an easy and highly convenient manner
  • Discover fresh content based on your personal interests
  • Collaborate with colleagues on content curation with the Team version
  • Mac, iOS and Android apps available, and other third-party apps

Setup and navigation

The entrance page has a simple, lime green design that has various logos of different publications aligned at the bottom of its interface. You can subscribe to feeds by searching for the site by name in Feedly, entering the siteís link or by simply using its browser extensions to find content or feeds on the websites you are visiting.

When trying to find new content you can search the Feedlyís database for sites that cover a certain subject, using hashtags. On the other hand, you can use one of Feedlyís starter kits which include sites that are organized into different sets or categories based on the topic. Besides allowing users to subscribe to new sites, Feedly also allows users to add the sites to collections (folders that hold similar types of feeds). Feedly usually recommends collections based on the topic, but users can easily customize the collections as they like.

Reading experience

Feedly strips out all the sidebars and ads from sites, leaving the text, videos and graphics in a simple interface in order to ensure that users enjoy a distraction-free reading experience. You can customise Feedly under ìPreferencesî with different display densities, typefaces and font sizes to make the Feedly reading experience exactly what you want. When reading the feeds, you can use the feature labeled ìSave for laterî or add tags to the content if you want to come back to a video or article at another time.

In case you prefer reading content in other apps, you can subscribe to Feedly Pro which lets you save content to bookmarking and read later apps such as Dropbox, Evernote and Pocket. The pro version also lets you share content via social network tools such as Buffer.

Feedly Pro subscription also unlocks search which allows you to go through all your subscriptions and find the content you had read in the past. You can also use it to create public collections for sharing your favorite articles and sites with other users.

The Feedly Team Version offers tools for curating and sharing content with your coworkers and keeping up with Google news. This is a great way to keep up with industry updates and manage a newsroom in your organization. Featured articles are accompanied by thumbnail links and images that let users quickly save articles or mark them as read. Articles that are marked as read move to the ìsavedî section and are immediately replaced by fresh content. By default, featured articles are stories that were posted on the day users access the feed, but you can see all posts from a source by simply clicking “All”.

Feedly Pricing

  • Free plan: Feedly has a free plan which offers unlimited feeds, the ability to organize the feeds into different collections and Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter integration.
  • Pro Plan: At a cost of $65 per year, you get power to search, faster sync, Dropbox backup, third-party integrations and premium support.
  • The Team plan costs $165 per user and it offers curation tools, enterprise logins for your team, additional third-party integrations.

For users whoíd like to read content on the go, Feedly offers a native Android, Mac and iOS app. Feedly also supports numerous third-party apps and integrations so users can read and share their content wherever theyíd like.

Besides being a great tool for following all your favourite sites, Feedly also makes sure you are always up to date on your interests even if you are not sure which websites to check and follow. Therefore, it saves users time and effort by conveniently aggregating the best videos and articles into one place, so they don’t need to go all over the web to find something to read and stay informed.

Oversharing. Don’t Do it.

Pick your favourite sites. Learn what you can and share what is relevant for your niche. Care about your audience and what platforms they use.

Consume, share and curate. Don’t overdo it. Like anything; no one likes to “know it all!”

Is the content in your niche? Does it solve a problem? Will it help your community?

Next Steps

Get a Feedly account.

Experiment connecting to other cloud services like Pocket, Dropbox and even use their Pro feature Custom Sharing. A handy feature to curate to your WordPress site if you know what you are doing.

Be sure to add a paragraph of your own thoughts as to why this is a great article to read or video to view etc. Why is it important to you?

I this has been helpful, let us know below. Post us some links to your social sites showcasing the content you shared.

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