Using eClincher to Schedule Your Social Posts Like a Boss

Using eClincher to schedule your social posts like a boss

In this article, you will learn how to locate content to share and schedule your own content across multiple social accounts. If you want to get your time back and put your social posting on autopilot you need to read on about eClincher.

FULL TRANSPARENCY: Some links on this page are affiliate links, if you click a link to sign up to a paid plan it won’t cost you any extra or impact you in any way however they may give me a little thank you for referring you. Who doesn’t like a free coffee from time to time? We only ever promote what we use ourselves. If for some reason you don’t want that to happen, just google the tool I mention and find the site directly. 

There are several apps I absolutely cannot live without and eClincher is one of them and also integrates with several others. That alone to me make this cloud-based app insanely great. If you’ve read any other posts about eClincher I’m in love with this software.

The problem with trying to automate your social posting is time and the inner workings of each platform. You can schedule your posts on Facebook but Facebook is not the only player. Depending on your business and where your audience is updating each platform ensuring you are spreading the content across equally and at different times so you do not alienate your audience.

To manage this, you need loads of patience and even with several computer screens to jump between all windows etc you will quietly go mad, give up, throw something or down your tenth coffee for the day. Then your social engagement sort of dies off as you figure you’ll get to it another day. But that day never comes and you sit in the “this doesn’t work corner!”

The other problem is you are at a loss of what to publish. I am yet to find and industry that cannot locate content to share or write about. That said your problem is a not having a system around collecting content and automating the process.

Thankfully, eClincher solves both these problems and it does it so well it’s seriously the main program I use daily to just monitor and watch the magic happen. Naturally, you can set it up and leave it and come back every so often and nurture it. It is no secret that I think this social media scheduler is totally off the hook. Forget about taking your social media posting to the next level, this takes you to the top of the class.

The Top Reasons You Should Be Using eClincher

All the features in eClincher are there for you to save time and optimise your process.

  • Publishing and Scheduling Posts
  • Recycling Content – Auto Post (Queues, Bulk Upload)
  • Monitoring
  • Engagement
  • Unified Social Inbox
  • Track, Analyse and Optimise
  • Built-In Design Tools
  • Live Analytics Dashboard
  • Popular Social Networks
  • Collaboration & Team Members

Publishing and Scheduling Posts

Publish your blog posts or other content you find from the Monitoring window into the main social sites: Facebook (Personal, Pages & Groups), Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram.

Step it up again and create groups of accounts. eg: combine your Facebook and Twitter account together.

Numerous scheduling options that will handle the easy to the most granular delivery options.

Recycling Content – Auto Post [Queues, Bulk Upload]

This feature alone is gold! If you are not producing evergreen content. Start and use this feature to consistently re-post it on a schedule of your choosing. Remember not everyone will see your post when you publish it. Recycle it over and over.

Create it once in your blog and then use Auto Post in eClincher to keep sending it to Twitter say once a week, Facebook once a month etc. You can figure out your schedule but it’s ok to re-share your great helpful content.

The auto-scheduler will automatically repost your content once all unpublished content has been published!

Auto Post saves your content and re-uses it when all new content has been shared. Finally you can stop worrying about running out of content. Your social accounts will always remain active, which allows you to focus on engaging with your community and growing your business.

I first saw this feature in Meet Edgar. Saw the other features of eClincher and was sold.

eClincher Inc.


Add your favourite RSS feeds and monitor your business, your niche, competitors and more. Monitor opportunities and be the first to jump in and solve someone’s problem.

eClincher did exactly that when I asked Meet Edgar will they integrate with Sniply. eClincher reached out with a Tweet to me and a link.  I checked it out. Was given a personal demonstration and been using it ever since.

Create and save your own custom search feeds with specific search keywords to find new stories, discover and connect with people in need of your products or services. Keep an eye on competitors, find new leads, monitor brand mentions and much more!

Create custom feeds based on search queries or hashtags.

At the time of writing this, the integration with Feedly has been added and if you haven’t seen Feedly, it’s another go to app for locating great content to read, research, curate and share. Feedly has a great mobile experience but with the integration into eClincher is just another way of making your life simple.

eClincher can also become what I would call a Listening Engine. Make the content come to you. Extremely powerful.

You will never be at a loss at what to write about, curate or share ever again. You should count eClincher as part of your content and social media scheduling toolbox.

eClincher Now Supports Feedly For Content Curation

Numerous scheduling options that will handle the easy to the most granular delivery options.


Use eClincher as your engagement tool. Like, comment, reply, accept new connections as if you had all your accounts open at once. View and share posts not only within the social account but easily share something you saw in Facebook across to Twitter or Pinterest.

Add your most important social feeds to your analytics for easy access. Instead of navigating one by one to all of your social accounts, view them all together in your Favourite Feeds. This area is fully customisable to ensure maximised productivity. To add a feed to your Favourites, simply click on the star located in the top right corner of the feed.

Track, Analyse and Optimise

If it can be measured, eClincher will. Integrate with Google Analytics.

Repost from Social Analytics: Did one of your posts do really well? Repost it directly from your analytics by click on Repost. Don’t let your best posts go to waste.

A welcome surprise is getting a weekly email summary of your social analytics. That’s kind of cool.

Unified Social Inbox

Counting down to more awesome features and no less than this wonderful feature. An integrated inbox for your social accounts. Makes sense to locate great content and easily share it but to also engage with your audience. Great feature to have. Afterall – social accounts without engagement is useless. It’d be like having a Ferrari and not driving it. Leave it in the driveway and be a douche or take it for a drive and let the animal within unleash.

A neat feature is the colour tagging of profiles. Want to find the influencers in your niche? You can set up your own criteria or use the eClincher default settings and follow back and engage with the high flyers in your niche. Got a green light. Follow.

Built-In Design Tools

I love using Canva for our Blog and social posts, creating banners for all our social accounts and more. You guessed it, eClincher integrates with Canva as well – seamlessly. Need to create an image on the fly to go with your post? Click the Canva icon. Create and save it directly back to your eClincher post. Publish. That is pretty cool.

Then they go and up it again and connect to Giphy so you can add some animated GIFs to your post as well. Need a free photo? It’s now integrated with Pixabay.

Make your social media posts look stunning and professional. Access to image libraries with quick search by topic.

Live Analytics Dashboard

“If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it!” goes the saying. eClincher measures it in spades. Find what is working or who the influencers are. Analyse in real time.

Powerful  metrics inside under the hood.

Get access to unlimited analytics charts and reports in a customised dashboard: social media analytics, website traffic, campaigns, and much more.

Popular Social Networks

Connect your eClincher account to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Blogger and more. eClincher keep adding more.

TIP: To post to Groups you need to ensure you connect your Personal Facebook account. Tick the box in the dropdown list next to your name and by default in the Posting screen you then are presented with the option to Post to any Group you manage. Not immediately obvious but that’s where it lists your Facebook Groups.

Collaboration & Team Members

eClincher has several types of accounts and features displayed in a good, better, best model and go one step further.

Whilst the Individual Account is good for a person, the magic really starts at the Basic level for business. Starting lower than that isn’t really worth it for business owners. That price point is USD40 and affordable and competitive against other similar solutions that do not even come close to the feature set of eClincher. We’re running at the Basic model now but could see an upgrade to USD80 a month to have unlimited queues and add another user. But, if you want a taste of eClincher and don’t think you will need the queues feature just yet, then try Individual. There are some features missing at the lower level, but it’s a good price point to get started. eClincher is really several apps in one. With a feature set that is consistently growing, it’s quite a remarkable application.

An interesting and well thought out level is the Agency option. At USD200 p/m might seem expensive but with the option of including 200 Profiles, 5 members and wait for it, 20 brands. So if you manage other peoples’ social media then you can do so at a cost of USD20 a month with eClincher. It’s a separate type of account you need to create. You cannot simply just upgrade from Premier to Agency or downgrade either.

For Agencies with so much power in your hands, the Agency model is just brilliant and should become very popular.

You can opt to be billed yearly and get a further 20% across all plans. For agencies the math is: USD16 p/m per client. What are you waiting for?

Do more with less

If you are an advanced user and want to just put your automation into another dimension, then here are some killer things you can do out of the box.

Not in the box yet but equally amazing is how eClincher will integrate with Sniply and feeding your RSS feeds directly into your Queues.

Let that sink in for a moment.

You have a blog with several categories. Take Content Kitchen for example. We love our automation and content tools here and we have relevant blog categories to index our content. We will get the RSS feed for our Automation Category and add it to the queues we set up in eClincher eg: Automation queue.

The automation queue will look something like this:

We have several Facebook and Twitter accounts we feed the content through at several times a day. It’s all pre-set up. Then we feed the RSS into each automation queue and all we concentrate on is writing and publishing our content. Choose category and boom, we are living the dream. eClincher takes care of the rest. Automagically.

Create. Publish. eClincher. Boom chalaka! Real word meaning I cannot contain my excitement with this one feature.

Then we can integrate Sniply.

If you have not heard of Sniply yet, you will and it’s a seriously cool way to get your important content, events or freemiums in front of more eyeballs just by using the Sniply script and/or WordPress plugin for more control over where your “snips” appear.

When someone clicks a link that has been “Snipified” they go to the website link they clicked and then a pop up “hello bar” style appears below the website with your offer. You can do this to one or all outbound links from your website.

The cheeky thing is, is the website where your “snip” appears looks like they are endorsing your content.

Since discovering eClincher by way of asking via Twitter whether another social scheduling tool, Meet Edgar would have this option, eClincher reached out to me and advised that they are working on something like this. A few more chats and demos ensued and the rest is all she wrote.

Just guessing what the functionality would be at this stage I forsee us publishing content (ours plus sharing others) and have it auto publish to our eClincher queues that are preset with “snips” that are relevant to our freemiums.

An example is we share some great content from Ontraport about automation across our social accounts and the links get auto snipped with a link to our Automation freemium guide.

The beauty and simplicity of execution is in the integration by eClincher into groundbreaking cloud-based technologies. They have a willingness to extend and partner their platform. An open ear to suggestions and great support make this a company to watch. Get in on the ground floor and watch this bird soar.

This feature alone is gold! If you are not producing evergreen content. Start and use this feature to consistently re-post it on a schedule of your choosing.

Value Bomb

eClincher have provided us a special deal for our community.

Extending the 14 day Trial Period to 45 days!

Use this coupon code: DD1267

Next Steps

1. Start eClincher Free Trial.

2. Get Scheduling.

3. Would love to hear your feedback on how eClincher has helped you rescue your time back and build your authority in your niche. Please leave a comment or question below.

eClincher Inc.

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