Veeroll simplifies the creation and targeting of video ads on YouTube and Facebook

Veeroll, a software program developed by Gideon Shalwick has proven to be amazing software because it takes a time consuming, complicated process and makes it quite simple and fast. The process of creating videos, building video marketing campaigns and researching target groups can take up a lot of your valuable time and energy. Veeroll was mainly created to save you the frustration and time when creating your video ad campaigns. This software is generally built for both experts and beginners to build powerful and effective video marketing campaigns regardless of their experience in marketing and video production. This makes it easier to reach your customers and create ads that will achieve high click-through rates.

Therefore, Veeroll has given both experienced and amateur marketers a simple and very streamlined process of creating video ads and generating highly converting, targeted traffic with promoted video ads on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

What are the main features of Veeroll?

  • Creating video ads
  • Targeting the appropriate audience
  • Starting your campaign

How can you create video ad campaigns using Veeroll?

When advertising on platforms such as YouTube, most advertisers face two main problems: Finding the right target audience and creating compelling video ads to reach such an audience. Veeroll offers quick and effective solutions to both problems. You can use Veeroll to create very powerful video ad campaigns on platforms such as YouTube in 3 easy and fast steps:

1. Identify your target audience on YouTube

In this step, all you need to know is the keyword phrase that best represents your target market. Veeroll uses the general keyword phrase to come up with various targeting options that will get you well-qualified views and clicks in just a couple of seconds.

2. Create your video ads effortlessly (This requires zero video production)

Veeroll offers a wide range of stunning video templates that are optimised for getting your videos the most views and clicks possible. You only have to enter some lines of text content, upload your images, hit the submit button and let Veeroll take care of the rest.

3. Set up your video campaign in just a few seconds

Once your video is complete, it will only take a few seconds to set up the video marketing campaign. Veeroll offers an optimised video builder that helps you create video ad campaigns quickly and easily inside Adwords. Therefore, you will not get confused about the settings to use or filling out complicated forms because Veeroll takes care of all this. With Veeroll you can also upload your video ads straight to Facebook.

Veeroll has given both experienced and amateur marketers a simple and very streamlined process of creating video ads

Why should you use Veeroll?

As online video advertising experiences tremendous growth, YouTube is still the leading online platform where video ads are displayed. One of the main benefits of the TrueView In-stream ads on YouTube is that advertisers only pay when web users click through their video ads or simply watch them for more than 30 seconds. Such ads present the perfect opportunity for every advertiser or marketer to reach the right target audience on YouTube at a minimal cost. Here are some of the main benefits of using Veeroll:

  • Get qualified, targeted traffic

Besides creating Facebook and YouTube campaigns in a few clicks, you can also target the exact market you want and get comprehensive training on effective video advertising.

  • Get results

Veeroll allows you to audit and optimise your campaigns. You can also create video ads for split testing in order to reduce costs and improve conversions. Veeroll users also enjoy full training with step by step instructions on video marketing.

By targeting the perfect audience and creating video ads using high converting templates on the Veeroll platform, you will increase your click-through rate to above 40%. Easy creation of your video ads gives you the perfect opportunity to test all different video ads before launching your large-scale campaign. Moreover, you will see a drastic reduction in the cost per click for your campaigns largely due to the high conversion rates.

  • Fully automated video templates

Veeroll allows users to choose from many exciting, high converting templates and customise their videos with images and text. You can use Veeroll to create your videos and deliver within minutes by uploading them to YouTube and Facebook.

All video templates offered inside Veeroll are completely automated and there is no need to wait before getting your videos back. When you submit your video to Veeroll you get it back within 15 to 45 minutes. Therefore, you can create a new video ad campaign in less than an hour and have it live on Adwords generating traffic.

  • The templates can also work on mobile

Besides offering template automation, Veeroll also give users access to a set of templates that work on mobile devices. They are commonly known as ‘Easy Click’ templates because they make it very easy to get clicks from video ads.

  • Upload your Veeroll video to any YouTube channel

Veeroll allows you to choose your preferred YouTube channel to upload your videos to. Therefore, you must initiate the upload of videos to your YouTube channel whenever you create new videos. This comes with the flexibility of linking your own YouTube channels.

Besides having full control over where your videos are hosted, you will also enjoy two awesome benefits:

  1. You have access to detailed statistics on how your video ads are performing.
  2. You can build a video remarketing list from your video ads.
  • A forum to help you get answers to your questions in a fast and convenient manner

In the member’s area, you will find a very easy to use forum where you can ask your questions and someone from the support team or the Veeroll community will get back to you with useful answers in a speedy manner. The main aim of the forum is to build a strong community for everyone who is interested in video marketing.

The Bottom line

Video is a very powerful tool for online business especially when it comes to converting traffic. From helping you pinpoint the exact target audience, to helping you create optimised video ads for your laser targeted traffic; Veeroll has proven to be a vital tool for all levels of internet marketers and entrepreneurs around the globe.

Veeroll allows users to choose from many exciting, high converting templates and customise their videos with images and text.

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