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“We have had experiences with other web designers and specialists who have not delivered the services we required.

It was through a referral and that gave us the confidence to try one more time, this was now our third service provider.

Personal contact which now days seems virtually impossible when it comes to any sort of communications/computer or other technology-based service provider. For us who are not in the “industry” and having met you and spoken to you made all the difference. The main reason why we would not hesitate to recommend your company is that when we did have an issue with the design, it was the person who we had dealt with, were familiar with and had placed our confidence in that actually did sort it out.”

– Claudia Carro, Solicitor – Carro & Associates

Both Maria Abicic and Claudia Carro are strong believers in firm and aggressive action to maximise their client’s claim. Both have had experience in working for both sides and that provides them with a leading tactical advantage in achieving great results for their clients.

Between them, they have in excess of 55 years of experience in personal injury claims including motor accident claims, public liability claims , personal injury work accident and medical negligence claims.

The firm also represents clients in difficult disputed contested Wills matters. they pride themselves on leaving nothing to chance.


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