Diversional Therapy Australia


It’s with pleasure we announce another stylish web development launch:

Diversional Therapy Australia (DTA)

The website is fully Responsive and DTA is committed to promoting, fostering and advancing the development of the profession of Diversional Therapy in Australia and internationally. Its mission is to ensure that the practice of Diversional Therapy continues to be viable and relevant, contributing to the well-being of clients and the community, while encouraging education, professional and personal development in its members.

[social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”]The website also features a busy calendar, resource and news section. Naturally it’s a breeze for the management team to add content, edit pages and add news, images and video content. [/social_quote]

With hundreds and hundreds of members logging in; there are areas of the website that include Member Only Content; accessible only via a Member login account.

Member login is handled via a very smart integration between the website and DTA’s CRM of choice, MEMNET, by Omni Software.

Both the website and MEMNET are written in .NET and Omni Software have created a very clever authentication module that checks a ‘members’ credentials on the fly in MEMNET updating their profile on the website.

[social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”]MEMNET is a web based membership management solution that has been built in Australia for the Australasian market.[/social_quote]

MEMNET is a web based membership management solution that has been built in Australia for the Australasian market that integrates nicely with DNN; the platform with which this website was built.

Developed by MerlinFX – Online Wizardry, Designed by Ignite77 and Project Managed by Fluid Marketing, CRM & Integration with website by MEMNET (Omni Software)

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