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Fluid Marketing

Proud to have recently re-developed and launched a new WordPress website for Fluid Marketing

A new fully mobile responsive website. Fluid Marketing uses a collaborative team approach – they work with a strategic alliance of partners – firms and individuals – to remain flexible and at the cutting edge of developments.

“Daniel is one clear thinker. He examines a situation and makes recommendations that are the best solution for the problem. This may or may not result in the answer you want to hear, but it will prove to be the best solution whether you implement it now or later after you realise he was right. Always on the trail of the latest innovations that he can bring together to improve your business and how it communicates with the market. Talk to him, soon.”

– Fluid Marketing Scott Holmes, Director and Principal @ Fluid Marketing


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Cindy Reid

Cindy is a productivity and detail person. For the last 7 years, Cindy has been taking travel groups overseas and locally. The organisation and skill to manage every possible aspect of international travel with a group of people is staggering and is a blessing she joins us on this journey with our Online Wizardry workshops and blog posts, with a natural flair and love of systems, processes and productivity.

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