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Built several years ago this site boasts a number of features that include built-in subscribe form to their newsletter system (powered by MerlinFX of course), forum, classifieds, built in advertising that measures click-throughs, impressions and more.

It automatically authenticates the 15,000 + members to it’s online IMIS CRM to allow access to Member only areas, content and features.

One major custom feature is the automatic updating from the other 144 + Branch websites we also built for this 6 month project of the Events from each branch automatically feeding into the main website and with a script to tell the system to delete any event older than 5 minutes. At any one time there are over 40 pages (10 events per page) of current events all published by over 144 + branch sites across Australia.

“Daniel, thank you for going above and beyond on our website project. You have delivered a product to us that would not be the same if delivered by anyone else. You are constantly working on ideas for us in the background and looking at ways that we can improve our business. You have made building and working on these 144 websites fun, you have been very real, accessible, always have worked and thought out of the square and have been really easy to deal with and get along with. Your personality has been a major part of this product. We appreciate that you have taken so much time to get to know our business and to actually care about what we have wanted and required on this project. This project has been one of the most enjoyable things I have worked on in the last 8 years. Over the build of our websites our website team which includes MerlinFX have built a strong bond which is appreciated and we look forward to a long-term business relationship with MerlinFX. ”

Naomi Downie – Ulysses Club Inc.


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