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MerlinFX recently had the pleasure to develop and launch a new website for Wright Lawyers –
Wright Lawyers is a successful law firm located in Sydney CBD specialising in Business Law and Litigation, Criminal and Traffic, Estates, PI, and Military Compensation.

The website includes easy to edit pages with options to change the design including headers, footers and blog layout if they choose to.

Quick video walkthrough

An example of why you might want to update a website the header area (logo, menu, search, etc) is to provide different information depending on the organisational structure of your business.

In this case, the Military Compensation phone enquiries needed to be directed to a different person.

By reviewing the preferred workflow of your business the website allows you efficiencies.

All Pages have the same 1300 CTA (Call to Action) in the top banner except the Military Compensation related pages.
Different department, different Call To Action contact number.

How could you direct enquiries to the specific person or department just by changing banners and web forms to ensure the right lead goes to the right person faster.

Naturally this is easy for the management team to update the website as they need to.

Just publish your content

Our preferred requirement for clients is that we just want you to publish your content. You don’t have to know to code or how it all works under the hood. Just publish. You don’t have to worry about the layout either. It’s all handled in the background and if needs to be changed, that’s easy. Your change is instantly reflected across every single blog post.


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