Agency Websites

You are an agency that prefers to specialise in branding, design and project management and not build websites or you already have a designer you love working with.

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Agency Development Features​

You are a brand agency and you need a web developer who can build your design. You manage your client 100% and need a web development partner.

  • Custom Website Build
  • Development Fee + Monthly Fee Only
  • Bundled with loads of essentials
  • You Manage Your Client
  • We Use Your Project Management Software
  • Lifetime Commitment Fee Paid to you (monthly)*
  • You access our Onboarding Process
  • Unlimited Pages & Posts
  • All Hosting, Maintenance & Upgrades included.
  • Continuous Local Backup + Weekly Offsite Backup
  • Lifetime Access to Training Resources*
  • Agency Access to Training Resources*

* Lifetime means for the time the clients’ website is managed within our infrastructure.

Our Best Projects Are Agency Projects

Most agencies can boast “all under one roof” and whilst that may be the case with the design element, you may find that other specialised areas are in fact outsourced too. It’s just managed all by the agency. We like to make the distinction and be totally transparent. We're great at web development and work with a collaborative team of experts in their chosen field.

  • As principal of Fluid Marketing, Scott brings to bear the 35 years experience in marketing and creative services provision with the aim of assisting the firm's clientele to access the latest technologies and thinking while avoiding the pitfalls that can bring the best ideas undone. Specialties: Visual Merchandising, Effective Promotions, Creative Services and Marketing Services - incl. Print Management, Project Management and Digital/Online


  • Highly likely, in fact, not only likely but has been done on a number of occasions. Before working with MerlinFX I was skeptical abut working with web developers.


  • The delivery process provided by MerlinFX is excellent, from both an agency and client perspective. Daniel doesn't assume anything, he asks questions wherever any clarification of needs exists. So his understanding of the clients' requirements becomes crystal clear.
  • They integrated into our project management systems and processes, smoothly.
  • MerlinFX was a natural fit with our team and culture, which started over 15 years ago and continues today.​

Resources, Support & Results

  • The support material provided for us during the development period of websites is above and beyond expectations.
  • After the launch of a website, the resources, tools and guidance provided are stellar, Daniel is providing an array of tools and resources and guidance that others can only dream of.
  • My client's needs are met and exceeded. I get top level assistance in a timely fashion when its required and the value add is that Daniel thinks beyond the immediate request or question to anticipate what future needs may arise and how we can plan and prepare for those to be seamlessly integrated where possible.​
Daniel is one clear thinker. He examines a situation and makes recommendations that are the best solution for the problem. This may or may not result in the answer you want to hear, but it will prove to be the best solution whether you implement it now or later after you realise he was right. Always on the trail of the latest innovations that he can bring together to improve your business and how it communicates with the market. Talk to him, soon.
Scott Holmes
Director and Principal @ Fluid Marketing

Agency Development Process

Step 2


We provide a comprehensive Proposal based on your clients’ needs and answers from the Worksheet within 3 working days. We send to you or direct to your client. Your preference.

Step 2

Step 3


After proposal acceptance we add you to our onboarding portal that steps you through everything we need from you to help us complete your clients’ website.

Step 3

Step 4


Based on the content provided via the onboarding portal + the worksheet. We commence building your clients’ website.

Step 4

Step 5


After thorough testing and review by us and you prior to launching. We launch your website. Time to order cake!

Step 5

Step 6


Your clients’ website has launched. We provide screen-to-screen coaching (can include you and client at the same time) on how to use the website + provide you  (and the client) access to our training portal aimed at driving their website and business further.

Step 6