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You need a website built fast and ready to add your content

Let’s get to know more about your project.

Magic Box

You know how to use WordPress or you are eager to learn (we teach you). Your content is ready to go. You want to save the upfront cost of web development and get started on your project in 14 days or sooner!

Magic Box Benefits

We select a relevant design and build out the website for you ready for your content.
Like getting a house built for free and you move in!

No Upfront Payment

Ready. Set. Launch. Reinvest that upfront cash into your business.

Monthly Fee

Pay one flat monthly fee knowing that everything under the hood is taken care of.

Day 14

Our promise to you is having the website ready for you to Publish Like a Boss! in 14 days or sooner.


Stop wondering what to do next! Quick access to training, support and analytics.

Advanced Admin Menu

Speed up your WordPress Workflow with easy shortcuts to most used features.


No need to learn complex server code to protect your website.

Premium Designs

Designer Pages & Elements ready to go. You don't have to be a designer.

Page Builder

No programming skills required to change or create your own designs.


You don't need a web developer anymore to create custom page layouts, headers & footers.

Custom Templates

Build your own pages & elements to reuse later. Building has never been this quick.


120+ drag'n'drop modules to build a stunning website. Fast. No coding.

Unlimited Bandwidth

You are not charged extra on website traffic. Acceptable use applies.

Social Auto Post

Save time and hassle not having to manually post your articles to social media.

Social Commenting

Google loves to know your content gets comments and engagement.

Social Sharing

Boost your engagement and traffic by allowing people to share your great content.

Form Builder

Easily capture customer information and create advanced forms. Easy to use.


All the features you need to help you get to FIRST on Google.


For any reason of an outage, we'll know and action is taken. Monitored 24/7.

Image Optimisation

Images typically are the main cause for a slow website. Google does rank you on the speed of your site.


Caching & compression helps with the speed of your site.

Unlimited Pages

Those days are gone where developers quote on number of pages. Publish as much as you want.


Peace of mind that if ZOMBIES attack. We'll just rewind the site back to the best version it was.

Mobile Responsive

Do we even have to mention this? Surely not. This is standard.

No Coding

Just publish your content. We handle everything else.


You will never not know what to do next to get your website launched fast.

Epic Training

Dive into our training portal and become an Online Wizard. Easily upskill yourself and staff.

Coaching Calls

We preview your site before and after launch with you. Ask any questions.


Over 200+ WordPress, Workflow and Automation videos available for life.

Page Types

All page types pre-done for you. Home, Contact Us, Landing Pages, Privacy and more.


Based on your existing site or needs, we create the website menu for you.


Pre-done for you: Header & Footer menus, search, main & secondary menus, footer links etc. Done.

Blog & Archive

Pre-done for you: search, blog archives, blog list. Just add content.


When someone visits a page that doesn't exist, send them to a custom 404 page.


Privacy, Terms of Use etc are pre-done and using NSW legalise in the agreements.

Page Writing Guide

Our client only writing guide covering all page types.

Blog Writing Guide

Our client only 100 page, 10 blog types with examples. Learn to Blog Like A Boss.


Find out what we've done and what you or your staff have done on the website.


Usually the most vulnerable part of a WordPress website are the plugins. We update weekly or as needed.


Hosted and managed in Australia. Always. Got questions. Always ask.


This is still a thing? Of course this is included.


Stack your plan with FREE Addons as needed.


If you have to move you can. You are not locked into any platform.

Plugins Configured

All plugins are configured for you. No need to get under the hood.


Speak directly to searchin engines in the language they know best. Steup up your SEO.


Managing PDFs on any website is a PITA. We built a PDF Dashboard. Edit once, update everywhere.

Chat Bot

Conduct conversations automatically with clients.

Create a Funnel

Turn your website into a selling machine using one-click sales funnels with frictionless checkout, order bumps, upsells / downsells, and more


Now we're talking! Integrate your website with other services and automate like a boss!


Use ours or bring your own. Happily will integrate for you. Collect leads and more.


Sometimes you just need a leg up. You are busy and you just want this done already! I get it. So we have the option to copy your content across for you. We have to eat too so we have to bill you for this. We include it in the proposal. We’ve added some bonuses for you.

Content Migration

We'll review your old website and copy everything across.

Spell Check

We'll ensure you have the correct Australian spelling. No more bloody Z's in words unless it's ZZ Top ok!


That'll learn ya. Seriously don't worry we run a grammar checker over your content.

Page Layout

We ensure and easy to follow layout for your customers to read.

Mark Up

We ensure the proper use of H tags which best practice for SEO.

301 Redirects

I swear a geek came up with this name! We'll index your old website and check to see if any pages need proper redirection. Google needs to know!

Website Audit

Stop guessing about what’s wrong with your current website and let one of our experts analyse your site for you. We'll report on what needs fixing.

Bulk Image Optimisation

Get website image optimisation for all your site images before launch. Every image optimised. Makes a faster site and Google loves fast websites.

Social Images

We'll create up to 10 promotional social posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin formats etc to promote the launch of your new website. Get traffic!

What Our Clients Say

Instead of having us talk about ourselves, why don’t we see what our clients have to say.

With training, help, follow up and up-to-date systems and monitoring of our progress we could not ask for better service...
... we have been really impressed with the support you provide and whenever anyone asks me about MerlinFX, I can only say the how good your company is.
I Feel Like I Received Well Above Standard Support And Help. Great, very helpful, no question you couldn't answer!

Rapid Development Process

Step 2


We provide a comprehensive Proposal based on your needs and answers from the Worksheet within 3 working days.

Step 2

Step 3


After proposal acceptance we add you to our onboarding portal that steps you through everything we need from you to help us complete your website. Here you choose your Magic Box Plan. 

Step 3

Step 4


Based on the content provided via the onboarding portal + your worksheet. We commence building you website with our promise to complete in 7 days.

Step 4

Step 5


You add your content as needed. Access sour training site as needed. 

Step 5

Step 6


Before launch, we review your website with you and ensure it’s set up and formatted as it should be.

Step 6

Step 7


After thorough testing and review by us and you prior to launching. We launch your website. Time to order cake!

Step 7

Step 8


Your website has launched. We provide screen-to-screen coaching on how to use your website + provide you unlimited lifetime access to our training portal aimed at driving your website and business further.

Step 8