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Do you ...
have or planning to have a WordPress website?
Are you ..
ready to start leveraging online tools to get more done with confidence?
Do you ...
get stuck on knowing what to create and how and always keep running into roadblocks because you are missing the right processes and guides?
Do you ...
regularly feel overwhelmed with all you need to do in your business?
Do you ...

find it hard to keep up with technology and all those tasks you “should” be doing?
I think we are going to be a good fit and provide you with the answers you need.
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Like A Boss!

An Online Wizard is adept at updating a WordPress website, changing the design and using to it to solve simple or complex workflows, enhance your customers’ experience, gets more done using online tools and knows how to join the digital dots – to build their own things.

No coding required! This can be taught. 

Get Super Powers. Envy Included.


Meet the teachers

Each of our teachers brings a specific skill set to Online Wizardry, as well as their experience of running successful online businesses.

Daniel Doherty

19 years ago I started building websites from a small factory unit I rented from a friend. Over time, we developed and merged systems and technologies and fell in love with automating workflows and increasing our effectiveness and efficiencies easily and on auto-pilot. I specialise in WordPress, business and marketing automation. My aim is to create more online wizards.

Cindy Reid

Cindy is a productivity and detail person. For the last 7 years, Cindy has been taking travel groups overseas and locally. The organisation and skill to manage every possible aspect of international travel with a group of people is staggering and is a blessing she joins us on this journey with our Online Wizardry workshops and blog posts, with a natural flair and love of systems, processes and productivity.

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Unleash the Power of Your Website & Online Magic.

Invest In Your Future Success!

We’re confident that your investment of time and money at an ONLINE WIZARDRY Workshop is going to pay off in your business, and we’re going to back it up with a guarantee. If you attend any ONLINE WIZARDRY Workshop, participate in each session but leave questioning the value of this event for your business, let us know within a week and we will fully refund the cost of the course. 

MerlinFXs’ ONLINE WIZARDRY Workshop is your opportunity to truly unleash the power of your website in your business. Not only will you leave this event with the confidence to use secret features of your website and other online magic for your business – you will also receive all the creative assets, systems and processes you need to be implemented in your business, you’ll also gain a new perspective that will expand the possibilities available to you!

Isn’t it finally time to leverage all the tools at your fingertips? Register (or get on the VIP Waiting List) for an ONLINE WIZARDRY event today, and get ready for a whole new world of possibilities.



These are real attendees who were kind enough to provide us with their feedback on our past events.

I decided to come to the Thrive day to learn more about social media content related to my business. I came away with cool tools that make it easier to manage Facebook and Linkedin. I would recommend Thrive to my business associates.
Thanks Cindy and Dan. That was one awesome day! I've learned so much my head hurts… really it was fantastic and can't wait for the next Thrive workshop. An awesome day learning about Canva, eClincher and more. An information packed day that will give me the tools to take my business to the next level.
Kathy Karas
Attended my first workshop with Daniel and Cindy on how to manage my Social Media. What a revelation!!!! Great workshop, well run and totally engaging. Although there were others in the room Cindy and Daniel’s expertise in facilitating made me feel as if I was the only one in the room. Addressed all of my questions and with endless patience.
I've just attended another Social Media day put on by Content Kitchen. Great day learning how to do Social Media. I have now been able to schedule things ahead of time which takes a lot of pressure off you, so when you've got a quiet moment maybe waiting at the airport I can quite easily do my Facebook posting and schedule it months ahead and some great tools in Canva, eClincher and how they can all tie together and help you out. Another great session. Thanks Dan and Cindy.
Greg Gibbs
Sales Director (Boema Coffee Machines)
I decided to go to the Thrive Social Media Content & Scheduling day because I wanted to know how to do Social Media and I knew Cindy and Dan would make it easy to follow. I learned about scheduling, got organised with my post themes and got ideas on great apps to help me. I would recommend this Thrive Social Media Content & Scheduling day to everyone with a business who can't figure out their social media.
I decided to attend the Thrive Social Media Content & Scheduling day because the experience I have had with the presenters in the past was good enough to know I was going to get more than my money's worth. The benefits I received from attending this day was learning to post specifics in relation to my business and your needs onto different social media and using the programs to do that with. I would recommend this event to any friend of mine that has any issue with promoting their business and who needs to learn how easy this really is.
Richard de Groot
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