Get More Sales with Easy WiFi Marketing at Your Restaurant

Get More Sales with Easy WiFi Marketing at Your Restaurant

Access to the web has become an important part of day to day life for people throughout Australia. From laptops to tablets and mobile phone, being able to access news, social media feeds and emails quickly and anywhere in public, has become an expectation with consumers rather than a nice perk being offered.

Not having an open Wi-Fi connection can dissuade customers. It then becomes a vital service café and restaurant owners need to offer. This then poses the question on how to monetize the access to both keep customers and increase positive word of mouth messaging.

So imagine if there was an option. One that allowed your customers to access your free Wi-Fi by simply using their Facebook account to check in and you automatically receiving their contact information, ready to include in your database?

Well, there is and it is being offered by our partners PoweredLocal, network management and marketing professionals.

In this article, we address some common questions around this service:

Why have a managed WiFi Hotspot?

How can I possibly manage something else?

VIP Clubs and Social Media

How can I use Social Media and WiFi together for marketing?

Why Have a Managed WiFi Hotspot?

Many small businesses simply create a dedicated network for guests to use and leave it at that. This satisfies the basic usability requirements your patrons need. But it does limit the potential for increased marketing awareness and feedback gathering.

With a simple to install and administer wireless router, marketing to your customers suddenly become so much easier. Customers signing into your network can be presented with everything ranging from a simple menu page to social media signup forms and even surveys.

For instance, if a regular customer signs on and identifies himself as a business owner, the survey then could obtain basic information about his company. And provide him with details concerning potential group events that you may host in the future.

For regular customers, you will have the ability to send reminders about upcoming holidays and specials. You could even send personal messages to convince people to come and try your signature dish!

How can you possibly manage something else?

Running a business is hectic. Then throw in everything you need to do to manage your web presence and it can start to seem a bit overwhelming.

When creating and maintaining an effective online presence you need to manage it effectively. It requires extensive experience in web design, SEO management, and social media marketing. Throw in managing your wifi hotspot and things can start to unravel.

Each of these areas overlaps by varying degrees. It is vital that everyone managing all these areas are on the same page regarding your current strategies and goals.

By having the one team looking after all these areas you ensure continuity and consistency across the board. When you include managing your hotspot, automated social media feeds, keeping your website current with your latest specials and menu changes it makes sense to have the one team to manage it all.

And you can get back to doing what you do best, running your business.

VIP Clubs and Social Media

With your customer’s data comes the ability to craft specific programs. These programs can encourage loyalty and the spreading of information about your restaurant through word of mouth. Thanks to the power of social media (nearly three-quarters of Australians use Facebook) it is now faster and easier than ever to reach the largest audience size possible.

With this service, diners can share their experience via social media through the standard portal. It then sends you immediate notification of the post, presenting you with the perfect opportunity to further engage with the customer at your leisure.

When diligently followed, an active social media presence enables you to identify loyal customers. You can discover ways to improve your service and grow in market awareness with a minimal (or nonexistent) increase in your marketing budget.

Since social media is free, you can even create loyalty and VIP programs similar to what hotels have offered patrons for decades worldwide.


How can I use Social Media and WiFi together for Marketing?

Bringing together the finest in Wi-Fi access technology with secure information collection, analysis, and marketing potential. Our partners PoweredLocal have nailed it when it comes to customer information acquisition. Using this simple and swift process for everyone involved through an open and well-supported interface.

You are not tied to a small array of affiliated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) service providers.

On the contrary, the collected information can be securely shared with your choice of online services. It can connect directly to My Guest List or to Zapier (up to 500 providers) and includes market leaders in CRMs like ONTRAPORT, Active Campaign and Email Marketing systems MailChimp and Constant Contact.

You can quickly create quality advertisements and emails with the information that has automatically integrated into your favourite marketing tools. No more striving to read handwritten email addresses, everything is collected, uploaded, integrated, and sent according to your schedule.


What do you think?

Let us know what you think. Is this something you could use? We believe it is and we think it’s a great solution for cafes and restaurants to build their marketing audience.


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